Keir Starmer at Labour’s Brexit debate: ‘Nobody is ruling out remain as an option’

So, if parliament votes down the prime minister’s deal or she can’t reach a deal, that is not the end of the debate and Labour must step up again and shape what happens next. Our preference … Our preference is clear. We want a general election to sweep away this failed government. [Cheers/applause] And conference … [Cheers/applause] Having […]

How to Stop a Riot

Two weeks ago Charlottesville erupted into chaos. Violence met the streets as a groups of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and far right demonstrators clashed with counter-protesters. Some have criticized and blamed the violence on the police response. “The police had every opportunity. They’re getting overtime pay, they’re getting hazard pay, they’ve got tens of thousands of dollars of equipment […]

Elite Workers

Imagine at Natural History Museum 96 restrooms in one museum. I have two restrooms in my home and I have a hard time keeping my home, cleaning up, just for one family. I can not even imagine 96 restrooms in just one building alone. Our job, our duties are very important I believe to the Smithsonian. If we […]

MHWorld shots: MHWorld Iceborne Demo in a Nutshell

(兩人用投射器射擊聲) 我有一把霰彈槍 (射死兩位可憐的獵人) (大吉大利, 今晚吃雞!!!) 真有趣 (Groovy有時髦和有趣的意思) 冰原測試版 冰原測試版 詳細解說! 那個測試版強制預設裝備又來了!! (得需要攻擊4技能才行啊) 稀有度 9!!! 變身!!!!! (以下這些裝備全都是憑靠自己的直覺翻譯) 恐狼手腕 (攻擊1) 凍魚龍脛甲+ (挑戰者1) 蠻顎龍腰帶+ (攻擊1) 恐狼護甲 (攻擊1) 蠻顎龍頭盔+ (攻擊1) (咆嘯自帶爆炸特效) 得需要那些攻擊加成了…. 不動衣裝+ (攻擊2) 攻擊加成Lv.6! (在爆一次!!!) 不要忘記新的衣裝欄位 IPhone鈴聲的狩獵笛… (IPhone鈴聲響起) (命中凍魚龍, 凍魚龍意外倒下!!!) 在雪原上畫”雪原藝術”… (WTF???) (啥麼鬼圖案???) (猛牛龍路過並毀了這傑作) 狂用爪鉤 (開始了一連串毫無意義的使用爪鉤) 猛牛龍:你們確定要這樣對我? (猛牛龍把獵人們當乒乓球來打) 猛牛龍:真好玩… (轟龍出發!!!) (獵人們化生為吃豆人開始嘗試用爪鉤抓到轟龍身上) (獵人們化生為吃豆人開始嘗試用爪鉤抓到轟龍身上) (真的很智障) (用爪鉤把凍魚龍當網球打) 那個隨時都會崩塌的冰面 (冰牙龍 爭奪地盤 30 pts) (轟龍 爭奪地盤 […]