Microsoft Excel: How to Show Formulas in a Worksheet

One of the fundamental features of Microsoft Excel is that we can build in calculations, formulas, functions, and then see the results in our worksheet. For instance, this is a simple Sum function that’s calculating those values for this particular category, in this case, Hawaii. But sometimes it would be helpful for us to see what’s behind these […]

How to increase productivity | Be More Productive Part 2 | Sword Crafter’s Parable and Improve Focus

Hello and Welcome to Success Science This is the Second Part of How to Increase Your Productivity Did I tell you, what is productivity actually? Well, Productivity is simply Improving your Effectiveness in your Productive efforts You might be thinking, how to do that? Well, with the help of time-management Effective problem-solving Creativity and Communication Skills which you […]

Higher order picking performance with FramePick 4 Wholesale from Kardex Remstar

Our industry specific system FramePick 4 Wholesale is mainly made for wholesalers, wholesalers in the area of automotive industry like car dealers, but as well for handcrafters in sanitary industry, furniture, or electronic devices. But also for production and manufacturing industries, for tools or assembly goods. Their main requirements are increasing of the order picking performance, but as […]

Amazing way of debugging your Kafka streams & changing offset

Hi everyone. Time for another tip making stream processing easier. This time I’m going to be showing you how you can debug your streaming applications with one of the best productivity tools for data engineers:! I’m going to start from a monitoring dashboard of an application (I tend to use Splunk) we’re going to identify a problem, […]