Back to School 2018 » 15 DAYS TO GET ORGANIZED DURING THE SUMMER + Worksheet & Checklist

Back to School 2018 » 15 DAYS TO GET ORGANIZED DURING THE SUMMER + Worksheet & Checklist

Hello everyone! Today’s video marks the official beginning
of our back to school series for 2018! This series will feature tons of tips on how
to get more productive and organized, whether you are in school, university or even if you
are starting working or if you are planning to start your own business. Just like I did last year, I will be providing
the schedule for all the videos you might expect during this summer, plus a few unannounced
bonus videos and surprise giveaways that may pop up any day of the week. If you want to stay in touch, it is very important
to subscribe and click the bell button to get notified whenever there is a surprise
giveaway or a freebie coming up in a new video. For even more bonus content I will be posting
study tips on my Instagram and a new blog post up on my website each Sunday. All the links will be provided down below so let’s get started with today’s video. research 1. In the first day you should create the playlist
that will set the tone for the next year. This is a good way to mix things up and learn
more about new artists and songs you have never heard about. 2. The second day is all about research. If you are changing schools, it’s a great
time to go to their website, call and ask a few questions about the new place. If you are staying in the same school, find
more about the classes you will be taking next year and make a batch download of any
files you find online like a regulation, a syllabus, class guides and so on. 3. The third day should be dedicated to your
main organization system. This can be a major binder, a folder or even
the file management system in your computer. You should select whether you would like to
go digital or not and create dividers according to your needs. You can make this separation by subject, month
or topic – it’s up to you! 4. The next step is to make a list of all the
supplies and things you need or want to get for the next year. Prioritize these according to whether they
are mandatory requirements or if you think they will simply help you out during the year. They may include paid subscriptions to services
like Grammarly or Evernote, textbooks or simply that Kenken backpack you have been eyeing
for a year. 5. Now is the time to make your first preliminary
guides for the following year. These can be class guides, strategy guides
or a project planner, with detailed information on the topics you will be covering next year. In my case, I will be doing my dissertation
next year so I will be creating a project planner for that to guide me throughout those
eight or nine months. 6. In the sixth day you should create your ideal
schedule [use calendar blocking footage]. If you are already informed of your class
schedule, try to experiment with the routine and habits you want to incorporate in a future
schedule. You can use the calendar blocking technique
to do this, so make sure to incorporate your workouts, study sessions, time with friends
and a steady sleeping schedule into your routine. Move things around and try to find what will
work out for you. 7. In the seventh day you should create a budget
for the next year. This should include your major spending habits
and needs, the money you want to save each month and a few strategies to make sure you
are able to save that money and cutting back on some of your spending. 8. In the beginning of the second week it is
time to start planning ahead by simply filling in all of your already-scheduled appointments
into a simple calendar. You should include any important dates like
your exam season, any possible tests that could already be scheduled, doctor appointments,
major deadlines and so on. 9. In the ninth day go through your old office
supplies and decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate. If you have that possibility, this is the
perfect day to think about doing a shopping trip to your favorite office supplies store. 10. Declutter your working space and prepare your
study corner for a new year. Clean your desk, arrange your newfound supplies
in containers and try to come up with a good system to set up the lighting and mood in
your working space. 11. Now is the time to do some digital decluttering
– move those old files to an external hard drive, set up your favourites to include academic
resources and maximize your desktop for max productivity. 12. Day twelve is all about setting up your planning
system for the next year. Everyone has a preference for a different
type of planner so this is the day to set up yours according to your needs and also
what you love to work with. Create divisions, lists of things you are
looking forward to this year and plans for the following month. Don’t forget to incorporate the calendar
of day eight in your system. 13. The following day is all about thinking about
your carry-on system and the things you bring with you to class. Try to minimize the amount of things you bring
with you and think of new ways to organize your belongings in your old bag or backpack. 14. Day fourteen will focus on bringing that focus
and productivity mode to your phone, including deleting unused apps, installing motivational
and time management software, backing up your files and managing your home screen to have
your calendar, e-mail client and note taking apps accessible. 15. The final day is for goal setting and visualizing
the next year. You can use your now organized planner to
do this. Create a list of goals you would like to achieve
next year, and the strategies you can incorporate into your life to reach them. Whether your goals are being at the top of
your class or simply maintaining a regular study schedule, be responsible for these goals
and make a promise to look forward each day to reach them. If you want to follow the challenge offscreen,
all you need to do is download the free PDF printable that I have provided in the description
box. The document has checkboxes next to each item
you need to organize, and it can be customizable to your needs and current life situation. You can repeat this challenge any time you
would like during the year for max productivity and organization. I hope you have enjoyed today’s video. Don’t forget to subscribe for tons of updates,
challenges and ideas for this back to school season and I will see you next week. Bye!


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