Balena Productions 400,000 Subscriber Special! [SFM 4K]

Balena Productions 400,000 Subscriber Special! [SFM 4K]

[Grunt] Yeah! [Victory Theme] Uh… Gyah! [Mysterious Music] [Grunt] [Relieved Sigh] Uh… Oh! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! [SLAM] Oof! [Groan] So then Sonic and the gang found some kind of weird capsule! [Chuckle] Hey guys, look! I found some kind of weird capsule. Oh yes, I floated into this country on one of those babies. Hey Rouge maybe you wanna, Hooba my Dooba in that capsule? That’s disgusting and I would never do that. Oh… Idiot… Alright guys, let’s go. Oh and uh by the way finale means it’s over you d*cks. [Chuckle] Hooba Dooba. [Jingle Bells on xylophone] [Saxophone Jazz] Huh… Hmm! [High-pitched and girly] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHH! [Bear Growling] [Bang & Grunt] WOAH STAN, WAIT UP DUDE! [Spooky Music] Hmph. [Scared Grunt] [Growling] [Panicing and Running] [Surprised Growl] [Grunt] [Yelling in the distance] [Roaring while pounding chest] [SLAM] [Grunts] [Sonic faints] [Woosh] OH MY GOD SONIC MY LOVE! NOW YOU CAN FINALLY PAY BACK ALL THE CHILD SUPPORT YOU OWE ME. [Emerald Obtained!] [And another Grunt] GIVE ME THE ROCK CANDY NOW! [Crazy Laugh] [Thunder Strike] Huh? [Intense Music] [Growl] [ROAR!] WAIT WAIT! We never did that one. [The Beautiful Outro]


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