BATCHING TASKS FOR EFFICIENCY: Embracing The Power Of Batching For Daily Productivity

Hey you! Welcome back to Module 3 of Supercharge Your
Productivity. In lesson 3 we’ll be going over a real-life
example of how to use batching, that of creating your own website from scratch. You can either use this example yourself when
creating your own website, or apply it to your own project that you chose in the last
lesson. As previously mentioned, creating a website
has many moving parts. These include coming up with the idea, building
the website, customizing its appearance, and promoting it once it is done. Let’s go over how we would break it down
to incorporate batching, so that exhaustion and overwhelm become things left in the past. Step 1: Make a list of everything you need
to do To make sure you do not forget anything along
the way, let’s write a checklist of everything that needs to be done (i.e. step 1). A sample to do list can look something like
this: The Idea
Come up with the site’s purpose Create a site map
​Buy and connect a domain Choose the website creation platform Building The Website
Create a coming soon page Create pages for your website’s needs (such
as home, about, services and contact) Personalize each page’s design
Add plugins or widgets ​Ensure the site is mobile-responsive Customizing The Appearance
Come up with a brand appearance and stick with it
Write and add copy to each page Ensure your site is search engine optimized
​Connect your site to an e-mail marketing platform Promotion
Let people know about your site on social media platforms
Send a launch newsletter to your e-mail list ​Track your results Once you have an outline of what needs to
be accomplished, try breaking down large tasks into manageable pieces. For example, ‘buy and connect a domain name’
can be broken down into choose a domain name, select the domain provider, purchase the domain
and connect it to your website’s hosting service. By achieving small wins, you are more likely
to keep the ball rolling. Step 2: Group similar tasks together Now that you can visually see what you need
to do, batch similar tasks together. Do all of your research at the same time. The same goes for writing, creating and promoting. Let’s break those down so you have a clearer
picture of how, based on the checklist above: Research Brainstorm the:
Site’s purpose Other website’s appearance
Website creation platforms Domain name
Pages needed for the website Brand and design
Plugins and widgets that will be needed Images to add
E-mail marketing platform Writing Write copy for the:
Coming soon page Pages on the website
Promotion on each social media and e-mail marketing platforms Creating Purchase the:
Domain Website creation platform
E-mail marketing platform Create the:
Site map Pages on the website
Design for each page Mobile-responsive and search engine optimized
website Promoting
Facebook Instagram
Twitter Pinterest
E-mail Remember: we have the attention span of a
goldfish. By grouping similar activities together and
doing one thing at a time, we become more productive and achieve our goals faster. Step 3: Make a schedule and stick to it Get out your planner and write down what,
when and for how long you will be working on each task. Add easier and faster tasks to complete first. Why? Because it will give you the incentive and
confidence to continue working. Once you cross off one or two tasks from your
list, you will see that yes, creating a site yourself is most definitely possible. What was missing before was a plan of attack. If something unplanned comes up during the
time you scheduled to work, such as an impromptu lunch or plans to go to the movies, ignore
and reschedule it, unless it is an actual emergency. Your number one goal is to create a website,
and those other tasks are deterring you from achieving that. If necessary, write your goal in big letters
and stick it on you desk or computer screen to keep you on track. Okay, so I now want you to to get the project
that you chose in the previous lesson and use the steps discussed in this lesson to
incorporate batching in your daily routine. Also make sure to download the Batching Worksheet
below. It helps you do a brain dump of what needs
to be accomplished, and then group similar tasks together to increase your productivity,
maximize your focus, and get more done in less time. I’ll see you in the next lesson.


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