BCIT Television & Video Production

On a normal week we usually broadcast BCIT magazine live from here in studio 2 in the BCIT broadcast building But this week we’re live from BCIT’s Great Hall for the very first time Jordan Dinsmoor is the director of the show and he has the monumental task of ensuring things run smoothly My role is the director so I’m basically calling the show as it goes live so as we have multiple camera angles and multiple stories off the server I switch in between the two inside what looks best and how to do it. These on location shoots are essential in preparation for jobs in industry. It really helps just to know all the ins and outs. If you can set up this you can go anywhere in the broadcast industry Megan Roberts who is producing the show this week appreciates her colleague’s efforts The teams have been so calm and they’ve been so prepared that they made it our job really easy because quite frankly They’re the ones putting in all the legwork. They’re the ones that had to source the place They had to bring all the equipment over. We just had to proceed as normal so I think we got off easy because we just had to do what we do normally whereas they were the ones that were really putting in all the extra work of bringing it here Dinsmore says the success of these on-location shoots lies in a team effort. It’s really important just to work in teams especially in our industry because everybody has a different strengths, and I find especially when you’re working creatively collaborating always works, so there’s a lot of teamwork that goes into making a huge production thing like this happen Excitement is high for this first-ever live location shoot in the Great Hall and the students hope it is the first of many.


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