Beginners Guide Table of Content Online Jobs Tutorials Philippines Tagalog

Beginners Guide Table of Content Online Jobs Tutorials Philippines Tagalog

hello and welcome to our channel to our new subscribers and subscribers this is our guide, for us to know what is the content of our channel so we know where to start studying our videos just visit our channel don’t forget to click subscribe in order to notify you to the videos, we will be uploading and to our group on facebook let’s just visit there if you have any questions let’s just post it there what is the content of our channel? so, this is our channel just click play list in the playlist, we see those the sequence of our tutorials, like eBay product lister and researcher, that’s complete that’s complete, since nature of work up to up to profile creation and up to strategy of interview so, this is the content, I already high lighted the the important that we need to study, the nature of work, actual work, there I showed how the actual job, which is my time track is on, that makes us money and the product research zikanalytics and I will going to upload terapeak another eBay product research also the dropshipping tools 5 type of listing, manual monitoring and the sample interview strategy how can we get through to our interview without experience we’ll study it all next is if you have any questions check it out first here if you have questions, for example what is multi variations, so, it’s here in our videos just check it first, if not here in our videos just commend down below your questions, so we can answer right away At eBay management, this is our task here is our video on eBay management eBay management task this, it’s also a single skill order fulfillment, it’s here on eBay management the email support, it is also a single skill which can be applied separately how to cancel an order, and how to process refund how to set up eBay store and how to set up policy that’s on eBay management at Shopify please, these are our videos so far so, just stay tuned because we’ll upload more tutorials here, on how to design Shopify on how to use Tmaster pro or facebook product research so we can see a trending product it’s here at Shopify let’s just check what we’re looking for, here in our table of content so that we can reduce the questions in single skills the internet online researcher, it’s there in single skills playlist order fulfillment is included in the single skills the email support they are also here in single skills and the photoshop in basic photoshop this is what we are teaching on how to create a logo, because that’s important especially since we are drop shipper, how to create round logo some tricks on photoshop, it’s just basic even if you are a beginner, you can do it and here are our tips on papadave vlog and tips how to create proof of work it’s here and the proposal letter how to submit a proposal letter if we are going to apply for a job it is here, and how to spot legit client that doesn’t scam and will pay us I already highlighted them and if you want to know what are the pros and cons of online jobs here at video number 4 of papa dave vlog and tips or let’s find it in the playlist here in our channel, let’s just click the playlist let say I’m going to eBay product lister and researcher click view full playlist let’s click view full playlist, to play it in order we will see it in here, it is in order we will have no trouble finding the video we will watch for example, we are looking at how to submit a proposal letter let’s view the playlist of papadave vlog and tips just view playlist, because here at home page it’s incomplete if we check this eBay it’s up to 11 only we can’t see the others, if we can’t see them, just click the title here to show all the video that’s complete If you watch all of this, you will get an idea, how to work online so, if you have any questions let’s just visit our FB page just don’t forget to subscribe just click the bell button after subscribing to notify you, that’s it and thank you, “subtitle will be available to all vidoes”


18 thoughts on “Beginners Guide Table of Content Online Jobs Tutorials Philippines Tagalog”

  • Thank you so much po, Sir Dave! Nagsisimula pa lang ako manood ng mga video tutorials nyo dahil plano ko na po talagang mag home based job at napakalaking tulong po nito para prepared ako bago ako makapagsimula. Una una ko na pong pinapanood ang mga playlists. Mataraming salamt po ulit! God Bless po and Good Luck to all of us! More Power!

  • Kristina Maria Santiago says:

    newbie po ako at sa totoo lang wala po talaga akong alam sa online jobe pero gusto ko pong matuto at may nagawa na po akong profile sa upwork kaya lang di ko matapos sa kakulangan ng kaalaman pano gawin. patulong nman po. salamat

  • Hi. New subscriber here. I just want to say that you've been a great help introducing the various approaches for online jobs for newbies like me. Keep up the good work and more power to your channel.

  • Hi sir I have question with regards of sending proposal. Anu po ung SUBJECT, MESSAGE, and CONTACT info. Thanks sir I really don't have idea anu ilalagay dun. Godbless.

  • Thank you so much, Sir Dave! Dati pa ako naka subscribe pero wala lng time manood. This time, seryosohin ko na pag aaral. Salamat po sa mga tutorials, malaking tulong po sa mga pinoy! Kudos po sa inyo!

  • Boss.. bago po ako sa channel mo.. perfect yung channel mo po. madaming matutulungan nito in the future,, keep it up boss..,

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