Benjamin Rogue .357 – The world’s most powerful production air rifle

Benjamin Rogue .357 – The world’s most powerful production air rifle

So I’ve heard it all before, airguns are just
little toys that little boys play with until they get real guns. It’s a line I’ve heard
some so-called grown up shotgun and fore bore shooters use to pour scorn on air gunning
and the community that surrounds it. Some of these guys truly believe that airguns
are weak, ineffective and positioned firmly at the bottom of the hunting scale. Well,
that myth may have been well and truly blown out of the water. So let me introduce you to this, the Benjamin
Rogue .357, the world’s most powerful production air rifle. This devastatingly powerful .357 multi-shot
pre-charged pneumatic ultra-quiet hunting air rifle from Crosman will surely redefine
the boundaries of modern airgun hunting. The Benjamin .357 Rogue was designed for the
US market where more is always considered better. But it’s also being imported into
the UK by ASI limited. I’ve managed to get my hands on the very first Rogue to hit the
UK shores and I promptly whisked it away to put it to the test. And what better place to test this gas powered
behemoth than the global home of big game hunting, South Africa. So I took the Rogue to Nduna Hunting Safaris
in South Africa’s East Cape. Nduna is Team Wild’s official South Africa
Hunting destination and home to a wide variety of game. Surely there is something here to
test the Rogues mettle? But the Rogue is not only a powerful rifle;
it’s also pretty sophisticated and contains a number of cool air gunning innovations. The Benjamin Rogue has a variety of new technological
gizmos squeezed into it. Crosman says it’s providing a new category of hunting air rifle,
boasting might and versatility. And who am I to disagree with them. The new e-VALVE technology provides the Rogue
with a precise regulation of pressure in the air reservoir and thus provides more shots
per fill. Crosman’s thinking is more shots equals more
hunting, this all sounds great but we’re pretty spoilt here in the UK when it comes to efficient
regulator design. After all, we are the home of international air gunning, right? Or perhaps not any more. But the Rogue also has some highly practical
features, this include a Picatinny Rail built into the fore end which can fit a bipod and
other accessories. An adjustable stock and a unique safety system that completely disables
the bolt, preventing accidental discharge. The overall styling is a little contempory
but it’s absolutely bomb proof. The marketing speak says the Rogue has a surprising
amount of accuracy and stealth, I’m not sure about the latter as muzzle report is quite
pronounced when compared to a sub foot 12 pound air rifle. But I can’t argue with the
pint about accuracy. The shrouded barrel makes the Rogue quieter
than most other fire-arms and because it has virtually no recoil its accuracy is pretty
impressive. The recoil is similar to my .22 Rimfire rifles
but the Rogue is kicking out at least double the muzzle energy. The Rogue produces muzzle velocities of between
700-1000 feet per second depending on your choice of ammunition. I’ll be carrying out a full group test for
each ammo type and power setting in an upcoming episode of Team Wild Gear. However the ammo
I chose for this trip was the awesome Nosler 145 grain ballistic tipped bullets. On the high power setting these monstrous
pellets produce up to 300 foot pounds of muzzle energy and a tonal performance beyond any
airgun ammunition I’ve ever see. If you connect with the Rogue, your quarry
is going down, period. Although the Rogue is brimming with technological
advances, it is a little unwieldy, weighing in at a slightly lardy 9.5 pounds un-scoped
and a whopping 48 inches in length. It’s a little bit like carrying a scaffolding
pole around in the bush. But boy does it feel good knowing its capabilities. For the technophiles amongst us the Rogue
also has a LCD screen on the side, this lets you choose between the power or pressure used
with each shot and also select the different types of ammunition. Crosman say that two AA batteries should last
you for at least 10,000 shots, so regular recharging is not necessary. Although the gun is not water proof it is
weather resistant so be careful on the conditions you use it in. The Rogue has a classic bolt action mechanism
with a six shot auto indexing rotary magazine. The Rogue will only take soft lead bullet
without lubrication. Crosman have worked closely with Nosler to create their own specially
built ammunition with ballistic tip. The 145 grain Benjamin Extreme Bullet has
a red polymer tip designed to resist defamation and increase downrange terminal velocity. The trauma caused by these bullets really
is something to behold, and you need to place you shots carefully to avoid unnecessary meat
damage. So the Rogue promises much, both for traditional
airgun quarry species and for bigger game. But I’ve been keen to put it to the test,
so be sure to keep watching Team Wild TV and see exactly which animals I’ve managed to
harvest with this. The world’s most powerful production air rifle.
You might just be surprised For more information about the awesome Benjamin
Rogue .357 Air Rifle visit


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