Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Give Workers A Voice At Their Workplace

Bernie Sanders’ Plan To Give Workers A Voice At Their Workplace

Earlier this week, Senator Bernie Sanders
unveiled his corporate accountability and democracy plan and most people focused on
one aspect of this plan, which is that it gives workers ownership in the company that
they work for and the reason everybody focused on that is because that is one of the biggest
parts of this. It’s one of the best parts of this particular
plan and yes folks, it is full blown socialism, right? It’s also what a lot of European countries
do too, to make sure that workers have an ownership stake and more importantly a voice
with their employer. That’s what this is about. Republicans have spent decades destroying
unions here in the United States. Those unions used to be our voice with management. They went and fought for us. They went and got us better benefits, better
pay, better protections, but now those are gone. So workers in the time since then had been
left with nothing. We are at the whim of our employers and the
federal regulators who really don’t do anything to protect any of us. We had no voice. We had no say. Productivity in recent years has continued
to go up, up and up. Meanwhile, average pay has been stagnant for
decades, so we’re putting in more, we’re getting fewer benefits, but the people that own the
companies are making more, and Bernie Sanders came along and said, this is crazy. We have to change this, and that’s what this
plan is all about. Here are the specifics. Giving workers the power to directly elect
at least 45% of their firms, board of directors, requiring large corporations and all publicly
traded companies to provide at least 2% of stock to their workers every year until the
company is at least 20% owned by employees. Now, what those two parts of this plan do? 45% of the board gets elected by the workers. 20% of the stock is owned by the workers and
the workers only. That’s what gives them a voice. They now have a say. They have a say in how the company is run. It’s kind of replacing that, that union voice
that used to be there. Now they have it in the form of stock control. That’s important. Rolling back. All of the disastrous corporate tax breaks
enacted under Trump closing corporate tax loopholes and demanding that large corporations
pay their fair share of taxes, halting the corporate mega mergers and retroactively undoing
mergers that have taken place under Trump and eliminating corporations use of offshore
tax havens. According to the campaign, this is going to
raise roughly $3 trillion in revenue over the first 10 years. 2 trillion of that would go to pay for the
green new deal, which would create more jobs in this country would help us write the course
on climate change. It’s a good plan and think the coolest part
about it is that it’s a good plan that ties into the other plan, the green new deal. It’s like, Hey, we do this. It helps workers out. It gives us more money and then we use that
money. We go and we do the green new deal and the
green new deal than creates more jobs and that helps stimulate the economy. Win, win, win situation for everybody involved. Except of course those at the very top 1%
who they’re not gonna make as much money. Oh, don’t worry, folks. They’ll pull in millions upon millions a year. They’re going to be doing just fine. They’ll still have their private jets. They’re third, fourth, fifth mansions out
there across the country. Their trips to Greece and wherever else they
want to go. They have all of that still. They’ll just also have to take care of their
workers in between those luxurious vacations.


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  • True socialism works. And anyone who says look at Stalin, Lennon etc wasn't socialism, that was FASCISM and was led by DICTATORSHIPS.

  • It's long since past time workers had the ability to influence the companies that they work at. Those in power are more than happy to treat their employees as cogs in a machine that are to be thrown out the instant they become inconvenient. Considering all of the horror stories we've seen about companies that have been bankrupted by greedy CEOs who exit with a golden parachute, it's time to give them a taste of their own medicine.

  • lilli harlow 61 says:

    give the workers a voice and give Bernie Sanders the oval office. it's a win-win situation. it's time to give this country back to the people. Bernie 2020.

  • here in Sweden we have something called Facket that helps the workers with the wages, vacations and if you are sick and so forth

  • Wish Australia would change their attitudes, the workers just lay idle instead of standing up for themselves, lord knows I've tried to help but they won't listen.

  • Question, how much stock do you get if you laid off, fired or McDonald's or Jack in the Box workers and the underpaid people Etc. Is this for big Companies only and the rest business as usual? Just thinking harder that's all? Look at Sanders trying to move forward!


  • Reagan broke the Air Traffic controllers and it was dominoes from there. Ironically, he was once the PRESIDENT of the Actors Union.

  • Jamie Eileen Fain says:

    Fai share …. walk up to a homeless person and give them half the cash ? you have in your wallet!! ? Lets really get this movement going!! Bernie 2020!!!

  • is the 2% stock compensation collective to employee a good one? i have mixed feelings about it… companies like GM it will give like 6 thousand dollars a year for their employees and FB will be more like two hundred thousands supossing the the value of the company dont get effect by it.
    the employees having a say through the board of directors seems a good idea though

  • Have heard that Germany has workers' representatives at top position in their companies, this has often meant that for example when a German company buy a foreign company assets many jobs are brought back to Germany…also German companies cannot quickly dump everything they do domestically and move to China…

  • Yup – we had an arsehole Prime Minister John Key here in NZ who Americanised New Zealand's workplaces by stripping the Union of most of their purpose, preventing the legal breaks every 3 hours etc etc. And guess who that thing worked for?? Goldman Sachs then resigned 7 years later after giving ITs party a 3rd term after fucking over New Zealanders left, centre – but not the right.
    Now Unions are back aggressively trying to get some balance back.
    Time for America to get all of that back too. Difference is, we have one law for all where it applies to everyone. America???? Well laws a shit show – State and federal. Each state will fight or agree through the seperate state judicial processes, other Republic*nts will probably try and pull more dirty 9/11 votes on days of remembrance and corporate America will fight everything through every legal channel possible to prevent paying more to hardworking people.
    So you might wanna do more than vote for Bernie – you better hope they win ALL 3 HOUSES otherwise all is in vain. Pointless getting a new President and no bills get pushed through like how it's happening now with Moscow Yank Mitch, 'cos Executive order just isn't gonna cut it.

  • Rudy Colludi's Comrade says:

    Hey guys.. I'm looking for friend, he was last seen talking tough and waving solid proof on Biden taken from a conspiracy blog all over FOX news last week… has anyone seen him, please!

  • Totally wrongly reported.

    This same program has to be sold as "Consumer Encouragement Programme".

    By allowing more money in the hands of a vast amount of the population, they have more money available to spend, spend for the goods that are produced by the manufacturers, increasing turnover ==> increasing profits for the manufacturers.

    In Germany that was called "Social market economy", was extremels successful and led to the rapid recovery of a totally devastated country.

    But there is a huge issue:

    The lion's share of business is not done anymore with manufacturing, but with speculation and lending money. And this is of course not incited by greater consumption..

  • Who is scrolling through the comments while watching the video

    I’d appreciate it if you looked at my latest video and comment some feedback

  • Want a better world? Then stop voting for the same old GOPlite Democrats… and support a genuine progressive. #Bernie2020

  • Richard Russell says:

    A lead balloon if I ever heard one! Study the history of Unions these people in the 1920s – 1930s put their life on the line! Worker's Children died and the military was put on the owner's side! Reagan started destroying the unions and every President helped decrease their power since then and tat is every president from Raegan- Trump!

  • So. Remvoe the power of the union and make it mandatory for employers to give that power to the employees?
    Even at 20% emplyee owned Wal-Mart's dividends would make them an desirable employer. Almost double everyones wage, and the Waltons would still make almost a billion a year.
    Think about that if youve ever thought unions where too powerful.

  • Regain your fair share of the wealth that you created that has been swindled from you and your family over your entire life – Vote Bernie 2020

  • Primordial Bias says:

    Destroying workers' ability to speak up about workplace conditions, causing them to leave on a regular basis and possibly cause the company to lose money because people end up unsatisfied and either find ways to avoid doing their job or just does the bare minimum=Good because capitalism

    Treating workers like human beings, which causes them to stay longer at your company and also likely increasing revenue from being more likely to do more because they're satisfied=SOCIALISM, BAD, REEEEEEE

    It's amazing how Republicans are supposed to be the guys who are all about the workers and yet they seem to actively find ways to screw over the blue collar people.

  • Wow, this is mandatory for at least 4 decades in The Netherlands. Not only workers have an voice at workers but parents also in the school off their kids.
    Students have a voice as well. Participation council, we have taken that hurdle in 1970. We call it employees council, parent council and student council.
    Although they give advice only they have an big influence on the policy from their company or school.


  • Chris Rosenberg says:

    I honestly feel sorry for the simpletons that eat this garbage up. How can one have the heart to tell them that this world and everything in it is only going to get steadily worse.

  • That's cute. He really should start telling people he's the second coming of the Messiah. It's about as realistic as the rest of his crap and his followers will eat it up. Win- win.

  • I had ownership (stock) in the company I used to work for. But I didn't have a voice. Bernie's idea is bad for those desperate for power(CEO)

  • Bernie Sanders great idea.
    This only means that the rich will have to wait an extra two weeks to get their gold plated new Jets.
    Betsy DeVos will still have more than 15 yachts.

  • Under what authority though can the government force a private company to sell part of it's ownership? And yeah right now it's only for large corporations just like the Patriot Act was only supposed to be used in extreme cases for known terrorists on not on citizens. Ask Snowden how that turned out.

    I think it's just good business for sides for employees to have a stake but giving the government power to essentially take and redistribute privately owned property? I don't know man, I'd never open the door for the government like that. There are other ways for workers to have a say

  • Bernie all the way. When Elizabeth Warren had a private meeting with Hillary Clinton, that made E.W. a bit more suspect in my mind. Hillary Clinton is NOT a friend to liberals. Let's have Bernie as pres and a liberal house and a liberal senate. Watch the economy go into the stratosphere. There will be Green jobs, infrastructure repair and putting money into the hands of people who need it and spend it. This will create a higher velocity of money (how quickly a "dollar" changes hands). The velocity of money is the truest measure of economic health.

  • Same thing in the UK. Capitalism under Thatcher destroyed unions. Devided people. If your in power you can change the rules. tRump is a capitalist puppet. You have to ask yourself this. Why? Why would anyone want to support a millionaire, that doesn't have your best interests at heart? You think he does? Of course not.

  • The workers do the work. Who doesn't do the work? The guys in the white shirts and black ties don't do any work. Yet they get the money.

  • TheTruthQuest123 says:

    This should apply to all workplaces not just Amazon this is why we need full on socialism and not a social democracy bullshit

  • This is why Bernie won't win. He's so far left that most Americans are not on board with this. Don't get mad at me im just speaking truth.

  • if you dont like your employer, you have the choice to go elsewhere.. get bent snowflakes…. union voice….lmao… fuck you lazy union workers.

  • Not full blown socialism, but definitely pseudo-socialism. But I thought I heard about something that resembled the Marcora Law (Italian law that requires owners selling a business to give workers the right of first refusal in full, egalitarian ownership with a democratic decision making process on the basis of 1 worker, 1 vote) being in that bill as well. Which would be full blown socialism.

  • The Real News Network has a video on this topic too. Some of the comments were absolutely frightening, guaranteeing the 99%ers downward spiral will continue. Thanks, excellent video!

  • Yes, a lot of European countries do it, because it was never eliminated AFTER communism ended… Why? Because it's a holdover from communism, (collective ownership because the state no longer owned the business so the employees 'inherited' it), and they haven't embraced capitalism fully yet. The difference is you want to take the US TOWARDS communism/collective ownership, while the Europeans are moving TOWARDS capitalism.
    Don't go telling HALF the facts.
    Hell, i'm not even American and i'm a Bernie fan. But you're selling Bernie on half truths.
    This is one of those things you'd call Republicans out an as a 'lie'. Pointing out what i just did, as a misrepresentation of the facts.

  • Basically this ensures that the wealthiest people at the top now pay their fair share in taxes and don't get away with loopholes. It also makes sure they fairly compensates and most importantly fairly treat those who work to make them rich in the first place unlike right now where they are free to walk all over them.

  • At least on the "elect a percentage of the Board" front, you have to give credit where credit is due: Elizabeth Warren did it first.

    Still, Bernie did improve on the plan, with stocks on top of the Board seats and with tying it to the Green New Deal. I'm a firm Elizabeth Warren-supporter, but if I were to name her biggest weakness, it would be that tying things in with other things is not where her natural instincts lie. Warren looks at problems on an individual level far more than Bernie does.

  • Mergers have been happening for the longest. I lost my job do to merging. Thank God under Obama and Biden they were able to extend the unemployment time length for people to survive and get work. Many independent businesses have risen up under their rule. Truth is the mergers will always happen. Bernie knows that and also knows that when it comes to business sure stock owners have a say in a way, but there is also a gimmick as well. Unions can only fight for some much, but in truth it is up to the boss at the end who makes the decision. We need someone who can focus on stock rising and world trade. And what happens if Bernie can't deliver that, especially after his heart attack. Statistics are showing that Trump has the upper hand because he knows stocks pretty well. He is giving the top what they want. They say it is the 1 percent who rule and have the last say. The big bosses. I believe it needs to go back to the way Obama and Biden had it where economy was booming high and many were getting employed. Best years and can come back.

  • ღSwnsasyღ _ says:

    How can you not want to vote for this man?? People have been brainwashed into thinking Socialist things are VENEZUELA when even Venezuelas problems weren't Socialism at all! America is at the bottom in so many things, giving it's people what 32 other countries in the developed world would be so damn good for this economy because WE THE WORKERS would spend more money that we will make insert Bernie in our communities!

  • Bernie is a LIFE LONG COMMIE, spent over 35 yrs marching/speaking in Soviet & Nazi countries on how to over throw the USA GOV. His life long dream! NOTHING but FAILED policies in long OFFICE career. His medicare for ALL FREEBIE in his state FAILED leaving many with NO ins.Has never had a black work for him, ordered NUKE waste dumped in poorest Hispanic neighborhood in his state. VOTED TO REVERSE ECONOMIC EQUALITY, women ON HIS STAFF PAID LESS & tried hide records, NEVER had a paycheck until he was 40, his Vermont record is nothing but FAILURES & harassment claims women filed he failed to even address, voted AGAINST bill to stop abortion when it pains the baby! (so what if baby feels pain-rip it out) voted against stopping late term birth (ok kill it when born)Against Patriot act,against online freedom of speech act (wants u conservatives silenced)against stopping sanctuary cities & protecting Americans act,against stopping illegal re-entry (we deport terrorist or ms-13 he welcomes them back)against border wall/even against port of entry check of who's coming in!! DO YOUR HOMEWORK! COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM, FREEDOM. I VOTE FREEDOM TRUMP 2020 THEY CANNOT FIND ONE THING HE HAS DONE WRONG BUT HELP AMERICANS & AOC-A$$ OF CONGRESS. ILLITERATE DEMS MOTTO "ANYONE BUT AMERICANS" GIVE THEM A VOICE? HE HAD 40 YRS TO DO THAT & REFUSED TO HIRE A BLACK & DUMPED NUKE WASTE IN POOR HISPANIC NEIGHBORHOOD, SCREAMS TO "QUITE THAT KID" ABRUPT, RUDE TO PEOPLE HE IS A LIAR! UNFIT TO RUN AND BY THE WAS HIS STENTS WERE INVENTED IN ISRAEL-BOYCOTT THAT!

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