Best Android Productivity App | #EP1 2017

Best Android Productivity App | #EP1 2017

hello friends i welcome you all once again to hack pedia and today I’m going to present the first video regarding the android productivity app series by using these apps you can increase productivity of your daily tasks and cortana is one fo them which increases the productivity of your daily tasks so how it increases the productivity let’s see ——Music—- microsoft worket on several operating systems yet and most famous are windows 7 8.1 8 and windows 10 and also on other earlier versions in windows 10 there is an artificial assistant has been introduced by them and that is cortana in this you can setup your daily reminders tasks to do lists and much more and if you own Microsoft devices like phone desktop laptops notebooks then you can setup very well with ease but don’t worry if you don’t own a microsoft device, you can lick it from the android device too. so you can setup the daily reminders tasks to do checks easily with it’s available preview version apart from this we could use the google voice but that’s not available in desktop so to increase the productivity you have only the Cortana assistant for windows and this available for all you laptops desktops and notebooks apart from mac os and linux soi i’d prefer you to download it’s preview version from the google play store and done to download it go to google play store and type coa preview (unreleased) or go to descrition for direct links and then login into it with the Microsoft account you have or sign up for a new one if you don’t have and then share all to do tasks reminders and much more with it and then it will guide you what you have next task to do so this is the first productivity app which I thought to recommend you all in my first android productivity app list, and now you have your own smart intelligent assistant which is very close to your daily productivity so, i hope you like this video and this application as your assistant if you like it then don’t forget to like, share and subscribe this channel


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