BEST Business Class? ANA New Business Class “The Room”

– Hey ANA, new Business
Class, here I come. What’s better than the observation deck? Oh, it’s a reverse-facing seat! Ta-dah! The ramen I’m eating here is phenomenal. Like we’re chasing the sun! (presenter greets in foreign language) Welcome to Tokyo Haneda
International Airport. (upbeat music) Today, I am flying the new
ANA Business Class, The Room, from Tokyo to London. (upbeat music) – Thank you for waiting sir,
so your flight is ANA 211 to London Heathrow. Your seat is 17K, it’s a window seat. (gentle synthetic music) – I’m immersing myself at Haneda Airport, on the upper floor there’s all the shops, very, very pretty, very Japanese here. You guys gotta come
here before your flight. (upbeat synthetic music) What a sunny day in Tokyo,
yesterday there was a typhoon, just swept over Tokyo, and
today we’re back to sunny. What’s better than the observation deck in every Japanese airport and seeing all the planes before you fly. (upbeat synthetic music) (presenter greets in foreign language) (flight attendant greets
in foreign language) What a cool entrance, just saw the Skytrax 5 Star Airline sign, so let’s check the lounge out. (upbeat synthetic music) The noddle bar, at the back of the lounge, you can order all of the noddles. I think today, I’m gonna go for a ramen with a pork. Can I have number nine? – Number nine? – So, you get one of these, and then when it’s ready, it will beep and you come and pick it up. (bouncy synthetic music) So anyone like chicken curry,
come to the ANA lounge, ANA specialise in the chicken curry. Smells very, very nice, hungry now. Oops! This things vibrates, it beeps, so I’m gonna pick up my ramen now. (vibrating beeper) Oh, thank you. (bouncy synthetic music) I like this lounge because
you see all the whole apron and very good natural lighting as well. (bouncy synthetic music) Ah! That’s all I need. Just tee drying, seems
it’s drying my sweat here. Very cool, look at the design And the other thing I’m
using a little bit about this is the Sekkisei, this is the lotion. So I look fresh before my flight, thank you for Sekkisei. Okay, thank you very
much, thank you bye bye. Bye, bye. So this lounge is very good design, very minimalistic design, but
it gives you a luxury feel. So there was a typhoon
that swept over Tokyo that puts ANA flight network to haywire, so today’s flight’s supposed
to leave at 11:35 a.m., and now it’s leaving at
4:30 p.m., five hours late. The good news is, is still
the new 777 configuration with the new Business
Class called The Room. ANA is giving food voucher to
all the affected passenger, so they’re giving 3000 Yen to all the business class passenger, that’s a lot of food you can buy, but already I ate in the ANA
Lounge, I’m pretty fully, as you can see now, I’m one of the first passenger lining up, ready to go in to board,
to see the new cabin. Here, you see I’m in front
of the line, first to board, behind the scenes here. (ticket-scanning machine beep) (flight attendant mumbles) – Thank you!
– First right. – ANA new Business Class, here I come! Hello there. – Hello, welcome on board. Thank you. (flight attendant mumbles) – Thank you! Hello there. – Hello!
– Hello, how are you? – Good, thank you, how are you? – Nice to see someone different here. – Ah, yes! – Hello there. – This is your seat.
– This is my seat? – Yes. – Oh, it’s a reverse-facing seat. (upbeat synthetic music) Wow! I am quite speechless
because it is so wide and, yeah, that’s what
they call it The Room, the new Business Class ANA. – Hi, welcome on board ANA. Would you like some
orange juice or champagne? – I think I’d like to
have a mix champagne– – Mix.
– and orange juice. – Alright then, here’s the
orange juice and sparkling wine. – Thank you very much. – Enjoy. – Cheers guys. (upbeat synthetic music) Every aisle seat here,
on the left and right, is a window seat and aisle seat ’cause you have your direct aisle access. What’s impressive is this
electric-operated blind, or an electric curtain. Very nice on the new 777 like this. This is Pierre, he came up to me and, speak French flight attendant. – Yes. (presenter speaks in foreign language) (flight attendant speaks
in foreign language) – Nice to meet you. – Very nice to meet you as well. Okay. – Hope you really enjoy
the business class today. – Oh, I think I will. – Small delay. Please enjoy the flight. – Nice to meet you. – Very nice to meet you. Have a good flight. (plane engine start-up roar) – Wow, I hope you enjoyed
that 777 the GE90, engine start-up roar. And, just for your information, this is the brand new 777-300ER, it’s only one month old baby, just rolled-out a boy in
production line August 2019. (up-beat synthetic music) This camera’s so cool, so clear, 4k resolution. (plane engine start-up roar) (upbeat synthetic music) We’re enjoyin’ the room here. This is my next door neighbour. But really, these seats is so
wide, it fits two of us here. You can close the door here. – All right.
– Oh, let’s do it. Yeah, yeah.
– All right, here we go. – Oh, wow! – Yeah. – Okay, what about here? – Here? – Here you can close as well? Very nice! – Oh, now I see
– Voila! – this is called The Room now. So wide, this is great! (gentle synthetic music) – Would you like to change the pyjamas? – Yeah, thank you very much. Thank you very much. Wow, this is impressive. She brought the pyjamas and then just opened
the toilet door for me, going to change. What a service. Changed, ta-dah! Ah! Now, I feel much lighter. ANA pyjamas, very, very nice! Oh, what is this? Oh, this is a nice cardigan. Only on Japanese airline you get this. In case you catch a cold, wear a cardigan. So I’m gonna wear it actually. Wow! It’s actually sunset
outside, still beautiful. Kinda feel bad. All right, there you go, ta-dah! (upbeat synthetic music) – Here’s your mimosa. Please, enjoy. Thank you very much for waiting, this is Japanese meal, Washoku. – [Presenter] All this little items, I think you’ve gotta be a fish-lover if you come to Japan, right? There’s sushi here, raw fish, Washoku. That means the Japanese. – [Flight attendant] Japanese style meal. – Japanese style meal. – Yes. – This is all little sushi and– – [Flight Attendant]
Sushi and seared bonito. – [Presenter] Seared bonito is a fish. – [Flight Attendant] Yes. – [Presenter] And this is meat? – [Flight Attendant] Yes, it’s duck. – [Presenter] Duck. Oh!
– So you can enjoy Autumn season. – I’m having a Japanese starter, what do you recommend for drink? – I do recommend a Japanese Sake. – Ah, Japanese sake. – Yes. Here’s Japanese sake (speaks
in foreign language). – Nice, very mild, very good, I like it. I just couldn’t tell you what I’m eating, because they’re all
tiny, tiny, tiny pieces, as a starter. You know, the fish, sashimi, sushi, predominantly fish. But, the sake’s very good, cheers. – So, please enjoy your
private dining in The Room. – Oh yes, you can close the door while you’re having the meal. Very nice, thank you very much. Oh, look at this. Oh, thank you, thank you very much. – Enjoy. – I see this is now The Room, having my private dining in The Room here. (upbeat synthetic music) This is one of my favourite food, is sukiyaki, it’s like a
brazed beef but it’s so good, the beef just melts in your mouth. (upbeat synthetic music) What is this? – It’s Depaysé by Pierre Herme Paris and this is a green tea mousse and you can also enjoy a grapefruit jelly. – Okay. – Or, we also have this apple pie. – Apple pie.
– For dessert. (gentle music with clicking) – This is like a Japanese apple pie. Cute! It’s almost like a puff. (upbeat synthetic music) This is a collaboration
with some French patisserie, and the green tea mouse are a, I’m not sure, I usually
don’t like green stuff. Red beans underneath, very
Japanese, very unique. It’s like a fusion, French
mixed with Japanese. (upbeat synthetic music) – Where you from? – I’m from the UK, I’m from a small island–
– The U.K. – A small island, the Isle of Wight. – Isle of Man. – Isle of Wight. – [Presenter] Isle of Wight. – Everybody gets it confused. – You know on this ANA flight, I thought everyone was
going to be Japanese, and I have Pierre from France, and Chloe from Isle of Wight. – Hello. – I heard you can speak
some Japanese, Chloe. – I can, I can. – Yes, say a few words for us. (flight attendant speaks
in foreign language) – That’s thank you for flying with ANA. – I know that one, too
(speaks in foreign language) How good is your Japanese? – It’s so, so, okay, functional. – All right, speak more, speak. (flight attendant speaks
in foreign language) Oh!
– What would you like drink? (presenter speaks in foreign language) – Actually, I’m faking it,
I’m not a Japanese either, I can only speak a few words like, (presenter speaks in foreign language) that’s it. So, I’m little bit
worse than you actually. – It’s enough, it’s enough. – Right, well nice to meet you. – Hi, sir, may I make you bed for sleep. – For sleep? Thank you. (gentle synthetic music) There’s a bit of pros
and cons about this bed, now for a 6ft 0, 185cm
tall person like me, I found that the only way to
sleep comfortable is diagonal. It’s like here, it’s like this. I cannot sleep straight like this, there’s not enough room
if I sleep straight. So, I have to sleep in a
kind of a cross position, a diagonal position. The slight complaint for me, is the surface here is a little hard, it’s not as soft, and also the pillow is
a little small to me. I wish they have a bigger
pillow here for better support. (gentle synthetic music) It’s actually a very interesting flight, we took off almost evening and dark, and we’re chasing the sun. So now, it’s getting lighter and lighter as we’re heading towards London. And it’s gonna see a sunset. So, the whole flight we’re
chasing the sun toward the West. I actually couldn’t sleep
much so I went back to work but I realised this is
a really awesome desk for computing here so it’s really, really fancy here in my own cocoon privacy and space. And now I’m doing some
editing in the flight. (upbeat synthetic music) The ramen I’m eating here is phenomenal. It’s really, really phenomenal. It’s really, really nice, the soup. The meal’s portion is a little bit small, but that’s why I order a ramen and also a chicken risotto
for the second meal. But the ramen here, highly recommended. My final verdict on this new
Business Class, The Room, I think the privacy as you can see, the space, as you can see is fantastic. I had a pretty productive flight, although I didn’t sleep much, but I was able to use the
desk to work on my laptop to do a lot of video editing. You know, I think this is really, really the next generation of business class, it’s coming very close to first class, with all the privacy,
with all the work space, you know, all the good
service that you need. So, thumbs up to ANA, very good flight. (gentle synthetic music) This is my half-sister here. Like, she has this Turkish hat on her, like, this is the gift I got from Turkey and now she’s put it on her head. I hope you had a good flight. – I did, I hope you did too. – Oh yeah, pretty good. – Nice privacy. – A long flight but really enjoyed. – That’s good. – Hi, sir.
– [Presenter] Hello. – Would you like some candies? Some chocolate? We also have– – [Presenter] Is this a farewell gift? – Yes!
– [Presenter] Okay. – We have postcards also. – [Presenter] I’ll take the postcard. – A postcard?
– [Presenter] Yeah. – Would you like a flying Honu? – [Presenter] Oh, show
me, yeah I love the Honu. Ah look at this, flying Honu. – Thank you very much,
did you enjoy the flight? – Yes, I enjoyed the flight with you. Thank you very much. – Thank you very much. (upbeat synthetic music) Oh, wow! Oh, wow! This is amazing! Thank you, see you, bye! – Thank you, bye.
– Bye. Wow, that first class
looked really amazing when I walked past. Maybe next time, flying first class. See you next time, bye! Thanks for watching.


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