BEST INSTAGRAM HACKS FOR BUSINESS IN 2019! | How to Promote Your Brand On Instagram

BEST INSTAGRAM HACKS FOR BUSINESS IN 2019! | How to Promote Your Brand On Instagram

Hello my Charmed Ones and welcome back
to my channel for another video today I want to share with you five instagram
marketing hacks that anyone can use to establish or strengthen their brand on
instagram to build and nurture a community on the platform and to really
stand out and differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd
most of these tips are centered around instagram stories and IG TV because
right now they are the hot parts of the platform and really have the most
potential for anyone who’s marketing their brand online
to get the most impact from their effort on Instagram these are hacks that are
awesome for businesses to use if you’re someone who’s selling a product or
service online and you use Instagram to communicate and connect with potential
customers and clients this video is for you
but at the same time anyone would be able to use or to benefit from using
many of these hacks if their brand or Instagram is important to them so let’s
get started with those five hacks but before we do I want to make sure that
you have a pen and paper to take notes because this is going to be a bit of a
show-and-tell video and you might want to write down some of the things that
you learn in the how-tos also if Instagram is a platform that is
of interest to you I have a free Instagram planner that you’ll definitely
want to get your hands on to create some epic marketing content on the platform
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saying now with those formalities out of the way let’s jump in
so the first hack I want to teach you is to create and use branded template
photos for your Instagram story this will help you create a well rounded
collection of images to use for various different purposes on your IG stories
that cultivate your brand through images on the platform and at the same time
help you create content quickly easily and reliably there are three types of
branded template photos to use for Instagram stories first is styled stock
photography next is branded backgrounds and the final one is branded templates
style stock photography is great to use as a backdrop for short messages to your
audience or for marketing promotion here I’ve used some of my own examples the
first image of the iPhone is a stock photo I would use for a screen
replacement so I might take a screenshot of something on my phone and using an
iPhone editing app like Union or even Photoshop on my computer I would replace
the screen to showcase something specific
the next image of the camera is something I might use along with a poll
or QA option on stories to ask for feedback on videos I should create for
my youtube channel the next photo of my office might be used again to ask a
question pull my audience or share some inspiration or tip the final image with
one of my planners would be something I might use to showcase a promotion for
the product or remind people to buy or to answer a brief question about it all
of these images were taken by me and are in line with my branding and the overall
aesthetic and messaging people can expect from me on Instagram and my other
platforms as well next let’s talk about branded backgrounds these are perfect
for using as the backdrop of a Q&A story post or to leave a long text message
when you don’t have something specific to photograph or video again all these
are images that fall in line with my branding the first two marble backdrops
are photos I took of some marble I have at home the Aqua crystal was a
background I found on Pinterest I try not to use many images I haven’t created
myself but this was generic enough that I felt like it was okay to share as a
nice background texture occasionally on stories that file image is just a simple
black background with a white border that I created I have a number of these
sorts of simple color only backgrounds that are again in line with my brand
scheme and can be used to quickly create and share a message finally we have
branded templates now these are ideal for specific types of free marketing or
content you might want to direct your audience to like a blog post YouTube
video podcast episode or to just add value in alignment with your brand you
can see most of these are graphics I created on Photoshop with some of my
design elements for specific reasons to highlight a new blog post or to share a
tip with my audience the second and last images are examples of templates I might
create to be shareable graphics for my audience to use as tools for their
productivity a checklist for a weekly review and a top three task list these
are concepts I share in my content often and are a nice little shareable freebie
that add value to the experience for my community on Instagram now you can
maximize this hack and really get the most out of creating this sort of
branded template photography and graphics by using a DSLR camera for
styled photography and shooting in 6 by 19 ratio for Instagram story for
existing photos that you need to crop down to this ratio I recommend the
iPhone app after light to ensure that you get the exact crop you want and you
can use the app also to edit the brightness and colors of the photo to
get the perfect end result I’d also recommend you create an album of photos
on your phone called something like Instagram templates and save your photos
or graphics there for quick access remember Instagram story now gives you
the ability to use photos that are older than 24 hours when you switch the folder
name so keeping all these photos together will help you for your personal
organization next hack number two is to create and use custom stickers and gifs
in your story here you can see a collection of different gifs I have and
use to add extra branding to my images and videos Instagram gives you the
ability to use your own custom stickers or gifs to add to your story
images or videos add a sticker to a story to add a fun branded element or
create an overlay on a video let me show you how first you’re going to start with
a photo or video and open it up in your story at the same time you need to have
your photos open on your photo app switch over to your photos and find the
sticker or Jif you want to use copy it and go back to your IG story a pop-up
will ask if you want to add the sticker to your story you tap it and voila it’s
added you can move it around and change the size just like any other stickers
within Instagram next let’s try the same process with a gif these are those
moving images so I have one saved that’s a little promo that showcases some mini
calendars I created and I can go ahead and add that the same way and now it’s
part of the story here’s how to maximize this hack take note that this works best
with transparent PNG files and gif files so you can overlay the stickers on your
picture or video cleanly my custom stickers are custom made vector graphics
turned into PNG files in Photoshop but you can also turn a picture from a photo
into a transparent PNG also for more direction on how to create transparent
PNG S or gif files search YouTube for tutorials they exist or consider hiring
a designer hack number three is to customize Story font colors this one is
essential for keeping your story on brand and differentiating yourself from
the default crowd so you can use the dropper tool in Instagram story to pick
up a custom color you can pick up a color from your existing image or video
or use a color from another image to use your custom brand colors in your stories
let me show you how we start with an image or video on our stories when we
select the text or pen tool option you can see a little dropper icon tap that
and move the dropper around the screen to find the color you want to use if the
color you want to use isn’t in the image or video you can repeat that sticker
trick to add an image to your story temporarily
to select color from it and use it for your text or to write with the pen tool
and then you can just drag and drop the second image out of the story before you
post maximize the impact of this hack by using a color custom selection to align
your text and doodles in your Instagram story as to your brand so you can
strengthen brand recognition and help your story to stand out from a crowd I
know it might seem like something small but sometimes when people see just a
specific color they’ll associate it with your brand use custom colors for text
notes drawing on your pictures and videos and creating a peekaboo effect by
coloring in areas of your photo or video I recommend you add a swatch image of
your brand colors to that photo album that you created in half number one for
easy access and execution hack number four is to make your story permanent so
we all know Instagram stories only last 24 hours before expiring but there are a
few ways to save or repurpose your story and make use of that excellent content
here are some hacks to get around the 24 hour limit on story content create an
Instagram story highlight export your story and upload it to a GTV or export
your story to use elsewhere like YouTube or Facebook let me show you how first
let me show you how to create an IG story highlight if you don’t know how
let’s just take my story from today and when I find the story I want to save I
can hit the button highlight we can name the highlight and then add a cover image
these cover images are pretty important I think to help your audience understand
what they can expect inside each collection of highlights you may see a
lot of Instagram accounts create these little icons as covers but I’ve always
been of the mind that you should use original photography on Instagram if you
really want to stand out so when I choose a highlight cover I always choose
a photo either something in the highlight itself or another image
altogether that represents the highlight so that’s the first way we can save our
stories for later the next way is to open your story and download it with
this little arrow icon that exports it as a video then you can take that video
and re-upload it to your IG TV to be a minute post finally what you could do
with that exported story is uploaded somewhere else like YouTube or Facebook
if you have the YouTube app for example on your phone you could open that up and
create a new video post and share it there as well so the content lives on
and can be repurposed beyond 24 hours because honestly that’s my biggest gripe
about some of this Instagram stuff it’s that the shelf life of the content on
Instagram is so short that you always need to be creating new content unless
you can find ways like this to reuse and recycle content elsewhere so it makes it
worth it now to maximize this hack you may want to use a video editing app like
iMovie on the iPhone to fine tune the video before you post it to Instagram TV
consider filming an evergreen intro and outro with a clear call-to-action if
necessary again you can edit these clips in iMovie and for those who aren’t
familiar with the term evergreen all that means is you are creating an intro
or an outro that would be applicable for any time that someone would be watching
the video often because Instagram stories are only 24 hours long they can
sometimes seem dated if we don’t put them into context so by adding an
evergreen intro or outro and a clear call-to-action as well
you can help reuse and recycle that content for future viewers make sure to
create a concise actionable description for the eiji TV video including any
links because IG TV does allow you to add links to exterior sites even if you
don’t have the swipe up feature and don’t forget you’ll also need an
optimized photo to add as the IG TV cover image now we get to hack number 5
no swipe up no problem swipe up is an option for accounts that have a
following of greater than 10,000 who also switched to a professional or
business account with an Instagram but there are ways around this if you don’t
have 10,000 followers IG TV videos are allowed to use links so you could create
a short Instagram TV video and add a link in the description and then turn
right back around and link that IG TV video into your story so it’s a few
extra steps for the end user but from your story they move into the IG TV
video and then from the video they get the link it’s not so bad
or you can redirect your audience outside of Instagram with a custom
landing page as part of your profile let me show you how first let me show you
how to link an Instagram TV video into your story so once you have an IG TV
video already uploaded to your Instagram go into your stories and you will be
able to hit this little link icon which if you do not have the swipe up feature
will still give you the option to link in I G TV video so you’ll click that and
then from your list of IG TV videos you’ll just select the video that you
want to link in that story and then I recommend making a short little call to
action from your Instagram stories to let people know to swipe up to watch a
video and to look out for a specific link that would be very helpful next
let’s talk about that custom landing page so if you go to my profile you’ll
see a custom bit link that when you click on it takes you to a landing page
with a few different options of buttons to click for different content or
opt-ins I have this is a page on my website that I created and optimized for
mobile specifically so that followers on Instagram could quickly find things that
I might refer to in videos or in my stories so I’d recommend creating a
landing page like this on your website as well to give you more flexibility
with the amount of links and locations you can send your Instagram audience to
maximize this hack by using a custom landing page on your own website as
opposed to using a link tree account link tree accounts are popular on
Instagram but since they’re free I think they might be using the accounts to data
mined which I don’t want to be feeding into free apps aren’t free something is
always paying for it and you just want to be sure you understand what you’re
getting when you use something for free now if you don’t think your tech savvy
enough to create a landing page like mine it really is super easy just
consider creating a short text-based blog post with your key links in it and
using a link shortener like bitly to create a custom
link name just test your post to make sure it’s usable on mobile my blog theme
is mobile enabled so the landing page looks great on phones when my followers
click over so these were all the hacks I wanted to share with you today but there
is one more thing I want to tell you about while you’re here I know this
video was packed with valuable information and I sincerely hope you had
a bunch of light bulb moments and have some great ideas for how you’re going to
ace your Instagram marketing and branding moving forward but if you watch
this and are slightly panicking because you don’t think you’re the best
photographer you have no clue what style stock photography was you have no clue
how to create a jiff or edit photos for Instagram well then I have something to
help with that too believe it or not not too long ago my photography looked
nothing like the clear polished images you see in my feeds today I had to get a
nice camera and teach myself how to not only create great photos but how to take
a regular photo and turn it into a marketing asset for my business and if I
can do it you can too once I figured out the formula for great marketing graphics
and visuals I took everything I knew and turned it into a photography course
called the digital styling Lightroom or DSLR for short
it’s a photography styling course specifically for bloggers business
owners and those operating on social media online because truth is most
photography classes and courses are focused on the artistic or highly
technical aspects of photography and anyone who’s running a business or
marketing a brand online knows that the photography we need to do for our visual
brand storytelling is a completely different breed than all of that so if
you’re interested in improving your digital marketing I welcome you to join
DSLR and learn from me DSLR is a six module video course that’s on demand you
can enjoy the course from any device when and wherever you’d like
DSLR teaches you how to create your own library of styled stock images and how
to edit them to create perfectly branded marketing materials the course walks you
through my complete process and how I create marketing visuals on Photoshop
and via mobile apps on the go as well like the link in the description for a
discount code and a link to purchase if you’ve got a lot of value out of this
free video imagine what you’ll be able to learn and achieve from a complete
course on this topic taught by me so don’t sleep on this offer I can’t wait
to work with you as part of DSLR soon okay so those are my five instagram
marketing hacks I know that was a lot of information thank you for sticking with
me for the full video I would love to hear in the comments what your favorite
hack was or what you can’t wait to get started with don’t forget to download
your FREE copy of my Instagram content planner in the description of this video
and make sure you share this video with friends colleagues or your team they
will definitely thank you thanks for joining me today and I will see you in
the next video


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