Best laptop for music production 2019 – TOP 5 | New laptop buyers guide

Best laptop for music production 2019 – TOP 5 | New laptop buyers guide

what is the best laptop for music
production 2019? what to look out for and I name 5 models suited for music
production. let’s dive into it. how are you doing?
I hope you’re doing marvelously well.
my name is Dexxter Clark and I do reviews vlogs and tutorials about DJing
and producing music. if you haven’t subscribed already to the channel make sure you do
and hit that little bell icon so you get notifications. I’ll start this video
with some advice about the components to buy. next I’ll give you a blacklist and a
whitelist of what brands or specific types you don’t or just HAVE to buy. and
later I will give you the advice on five models to buy for music production 2019. make sure you stick around till the end of the video, because I give you not one but two
bonus tips that can save you a lot of money. in this video I’m talking about
new laptops for music production 2019. your ol computer is probably just fine but if
you want to buy a new one optimized for music production and I’m
not talking about the budget range or a mid range, but the high range, so the I’m-
nearly-a-professional-music-producer category. a PC or a Mac? well I made a
special video about this subject so I won’t go into detail here. but it’s
February 2019 right now and I won’t recommend a Apple MacBook. the reason for
that is because they are crashing because of the t2 chips that are in
there. Apple refused to fix that and those problems are existing already a year now.
it was January 2018. but I included the MacBook in the top five, just because
there are a lot of producers out there looking for a MacBook. the processor. my
recommendation is an Intel processor preferably an i7 of the ninth generation,
an i5 processor will do the job just fine, but we want to build the best
laptop for music production 2019. An AMD Rysen processor isn’t bad, but not
the best for music production. the reason is that there are some compatibility
issues with MIDI controllers and some plug ins also Thunderbolt is a little
bit finicky on an AMD processor. don’t get hung up by the
turbo-boost frequencies of your processor. you rarely hit those
frequencies. it’s more a marketing term than anything else. Then the memory. in
a lot of laptops you can’t add or change memory later. eight gigabytes is the bare
minimum but my recommendation is choose 16 gigabytes or maybe even 32.
I made a special video about memory for music production. check it out if you
like. then the storage. it’s important to look at the speed of your hard drive
5400 rpm is too slow to read multiple tracks at the same time for
your DAW. so choose a 7200 rpm hard drive or even better an SSD. 265
gigabytes of space is a little bit on the low side, preferably a 500 gigabyte
or even one terabyte. one side note here working with an external hard drive is a
pain in the [WHOOPS]. it defeats the whole purpose of being mobile and where do you put
it? do you duct tape it to the lid of your laptop? and on top of that it’s SLOW.
the screen. more screen real estate means more overview, which means less scrolling, which means a quicker workflow. in other words it saves you time, 17-inch is
recommended, a 15 inch is a minimum. if the laptop has an external monitor
connector via HDMI you can connect a big screen. then screen size is less of an
issue. gamer laptops are suited for music production generally, because they can
handle that heavy workload, but there are heavy-duty graphics cards in them, which
you don’t take advantage of when you are producing music. so if you have the
choice between a heavy graphics card and not. if you don’t game with the laptop, just
use the lower speced graphics card. a thunderbolt connection to connect an
external sound card is convenient. I’ve compiled a whitelist and blacklist so
what to buy and what not to buy. these lists are from a computer store so I
don’t pull them out of a hat. first of all the
whitelist. in other words the computers that are built to last.
first of all HP you can look at the elite book series, the Microsoft surface
laptops. Toshiba, Asus and the Dell Alienware series. if they offer extended
warranty: buy it! than the blacklist. the laptops that are built to be cheap and
last not any longer than the term of warranty. first of all Acer, Lenovo – Lenovo is not IBM guys. then Samsung and Medion. but there are other reasons to
land on that blacklist first of all the Dell XPS 15 and 13 series and the
Inspiron series by Dell because of latency issues. the Chromebook because
there are no DAWs supported for that OS and also the MacBook Pro Series and I
told you in the beginning of the video why. if everything was bad what those
companies did then they would be out of business. but I think that you have a
more and a higher chance of success with items on the whitelist and on the
blacklist the best laptop for music production
2019 the top 5 recommended models. I had to do some compromises here and there. if you
know what is important to you, you can make the best choice.
the first model on the list is a Microsoft surface book 2 with an i7
processor. the generation I’m not really sure I think it’s a 7 or 8th generation.
Microsoft is pretty secretive about the specifications of the notebook with 4
CPU cores 16 gigabytes of memory 256 gigabyte SSD a 15 inch touchscreen
monitor. and I couldn’t figure out if it has Thunderbolt or not. but I think it
has not. by the way if you’re curious what you absolutely need to know about
DJing and producing when you’re starting out, then I suggest you download my free
ebook. the link is in the description below.
model number 2 is the HP omen 15 with an i7 processor this 7700 HQ is a seventh
generation processor of Intel with 4 CPU cores 2.8
gigahertz eight gigabytes of memory and one gigabyte hybrid drive for storage.
that means the combination of an SSD and a traditional spinning platter drive.
with a 15 inch monitor and it has no Thunderbolt. don’t forget to subscribe to
the channel if you already haven’t and hit that Bell button so you get
notifications. model number 3 is the MacBook Pro 15 inch the 2018 model with
an i7 processor of the eighth generation 6 CPU cores 2.2 gigahertz of clock speed
16 gigabytes of memory 512 gigabyte SSD a 15 inch monitor and yes it has a
thunderbolt connection. the fourth model on the list is an Asus ROG Strix with CPU an I7 of
the eighth generation with six CPU cores 2.2 gigahertz sixteen gigabytes of
memory 1.5 terabyte hybrid drive,so a combination of SSD and traditional
spinning platter drive, a 17 inch monitor and no Thunderbolt. and the last model on
my list is an Asus notebook with an i7 processor 7700 HQ with four CPU
cores 2.8 gigahertz of clock speed 8 gigabytes of memory it has 2 drives in
it for storage hundred twenty eight gigabytes SSD and a one terabyte platter
drive, also a 15 inch monitor and it has no Thunderbolt. link to the products and
their prices I will put in the description below. those by the way are
affiliate links to Amazon. I get a little bit of money when you buy something on Amazon.
questions you can leave in the comments below. do you want me to
look at your specific situation you can book a Skype call or become a Patreon
member. Patreon members will always get answers to their questions. if you’re
into retro video gaming too you can check out my retro video gaming channel.
the link is in the description below. good that you stuck around till the end for
the bonus tips and here is tip number one if you have a specific type or a
model in mind to buy, Google it to make sure that no one
else has problems with it, for example if you google the “Dell XPS 15” together with
“latency” you will see the horrors that other producers have encountered. so use
someone else’s misery to your advantage tip 2. ultrabooks, yeah those really small
notebooks, are designed to be small and not to perform optimal. for example with
music production you produce heat with your processor because it’s a heavy
workload, but the processor can only perform optimal if it can get rid of
that heat, but it can’t. I love to see you in my next video thank you for watching


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    🔴 UPDATED TOP 10 APRIL/MAY 2019:
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