Best Questions To Ask Your Employers (Ask Hiring Managers)

Job Interview is a two way street, you are
asked about your experience and skills, in return you should also prepare questions for
your potential future employer, to make sure that this is a right job for you. I am Marat from EMMOTION and I’d like to discuss and share with you the most important questions which will help you to determine whether this role is a right for you and whether this company is a right place to be. If you haven’t already subscribed to my channel
then definitely hit the subscribe button and the little bell to get the fresh new professional
and personal growth content every week. I’ve interviewed so many candidates I’ve
always been very surprised with such few amount of good questions asked during the interview. A big percentage of candidates don’t have
any questions at all which is not the best way to approach your potential future. You’ll be spending at least 40 hours a week
at your job, you SHOULD have questions! Don’t hold back your questions once the
interviewer gives you the chance to ask them. This opportunity typically comes at the end
of the interview. Once “Do you have any questions for me?”
comes up, start your own evaluation of the employer. Question one would be finding out: 1. “Why is this position open?” This question will help you figure out if
things are truly going well at the organization. Was the previous person promoted? Did the person leave to join another company? Or because they didn’t meet expectations? If the recruiter hesitates or becomes evasive,
that could tell you everything you need to know. Question two would be finding out about the
company culture but without asking it directly. 2. “What types of people are successful in
this company?” In this day and age, most companies usually
advertise their values and their company culture online, the hiring managers state those by
heart. This question will let us understand how the
company’s environment impacts the employees. Finding out which type of employees last in
this place and which become successful, make the company values much more clear. The 3rd questions will help us understand
whether you are the “right fit” for the role. 3. Which would be a successful candidate in this
position? The hiring manager will cite the goals in
terms of an ideal profile for this role. The more you know about the their expectations
and metrics for success, the easier it will be for you to tailor the conversation and
demonstrate your fit. 4. What are the key challenges faced during the
first few months of the job? Remember, the interview is as much about you
assessing the company as it is about the interviewer assessing you. Smart interviewees will always want to know
what they are in for. Understanding the immediate challenges of
the job will clear up if it is a role where you can truly become an asset. 5. What do you enjoy most about working here? Since most of hiring managers ask “Why Do
You Want To Work Here?” this question is a great way to find out whether your image
of the company corresponds the reality. It’s the perfect question to catch the recruiter
a little off-guard and get an honest answer. Regardless of what they say, just by looking
at them you can probably evaluate how they truly feel about their company. Another indication of whether it’s the right
fit for you. 6. What is your timeline for the next steps? May I call or email you to follow up? Never leave an interview without finding out
the company’s timeline for making a decision, and how you should follow up afterwards about
your candidacy. It’s much better for your quality of life
and peace of mind to know what should you expect in the next few weeks. And if after the indicated timing you haven’t
heard back from the company, you can easily get in touch with them to follow up, as agreed. Remember: don’t ask about the salary, benefits
or vacations just yet. Wait until you are in the final steps of the
interview process, unless, of course, your interviewer brings it up first. Make sure that any of the questions lead to
a natural dialogue, but don’t lose the opportunity to get to know as much as you can about your
future employer. If you ask the 6 mentioned questions, you’ll
successfully evaluate whether the job is right for you. You’ll also manage your own expectations
for this role during the nearest future. Thanks for watching, hit the subscribe button
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