BIG Giveaway Time + 50,000 Subscribers

BIG Giveaway Time + 50,000 Subscribers

Onto the sort of gold side of stuff my goals for the year. I number one would be on this channel to reach 50,000 subscribers, I believe this is bit Big target because we’re at 18,000 now but I feel like it’s a good target to have I feel like getting the word out of all these tools apps and resources and heading 50,000 would be an amazing achievement and Of course for the community be amazing Hey everyone, welcome back to another video it’s francesco. Again, this is a special milestone video We have hit 50,000 subscribers on YouTube, which is absolutely amazing It was as I just showed from clip before the end of your goal for last year. So it’s really moved on we obviously Surpassed it and have a month to spare so it’s gonna be amazing To have even more people being added to the community now as a special. Thank you We traditionally do giveaways so we will be doing a giveaway in today’s video. We’re gonna have five winners. So let’s dive into today’s video So guys just before we dive in a real just a personal thank you for me obviously I’ve hosted this channel for a fair while now for years. It’s been four and a half years Wow this a long time but it’s been an absolute on that. I’ve made lots of different friends from this community and it’s so great for people to be chatting about software and how it’s helping them how they can improve their use of software and and really grow our resource set too because I think in the next year 2019, I think that’s when we’re gonna flourish as community and We’re gonna really push forward. So share a few things that we have planned here at the end of this video Anyway, we always do giveaways on big subscriber numbers So we’ll do one at 50k hopefully 100k and ice a bigger one than that We’re gonna have five winners in today’s video. So funny winners will be announced in two weeks and In order to win this you need to like today’s video. You need to be subscribed and you need to comment below for Extra bonus entries you can share the YouTube channel URL to social media leaving a little message About how you found it beneficial and for another bonus one You can sign up some new newsletter too, which is a monthly newsletter with above a 65 percent open rate Which is amazing people love it, which is good news So just to be clear there will be five winners overall and you will all get One of these items that we’re going to go through now So we have a todoist one year code which each the people will get tik tik six-month code Fantastical iOS, Things iOS access, one month of Evernote premium notion for life on one workspace, which is amazing Trello six month gold Missive six month, which is an email application Bear for six months, which is amazing bear pro and same box for a year So there’s a big package here along with that You will also get all of the skill share classes that we produce here at key productive So colonies in order to win remember you have to like this video be subscribed comment below and for bonus entries join up to the monthly newsletter below as well as Share the URL and share how the key productive channel has benefited you on social media So guys in terms of next steps for 2019. Our goal is going to be 150,000 subscribers again. We’re not really gonna be focusing too much on YouTube production we’re going to be creating more skill share classes more udemy Hopefully a teachable class as well as more resources like the PDF which we launched in a week It got a thousand download which is amazing So obviously sounds like something that you guys benefit from and also we’re gonna be expanding the Facebook groups, too So 2019 is going to be a pretty exciting year. Anyway, guys, thank you so much for being a keep productive subscriber I will see you guys in Tomorrow’s video but I will also see you guys in two weeks to announce the winner of the 50k giveaway Anyway, guys, make sure to have a great week keep productive. Let me see you guys very very soon Cheers


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