‘Boycott Apple’ Movement grows in China as U.S. goes after Huawei

‘Boycott Apple’ Movement grows in China as U.S. goes after Huawei

well following on from the report the
intense fun trade war between China in the US is prompting Chinese consumers to
boycott products made by US firms including Apple’s iPhone those switching
are largely choosing hallway smartphones to assure their support for the Chinese
firm that they see as being unfairly attacked by US regulators here’s Kim
dummy Chinese customers are turning their back
on iPhones including a senior media representative of the Chinese government
who’s she Jing and the editor of the China is a Global Times had tweeted on
Monday that he had switched to a home phone and ditching the iPhone that he
had been using for nine years the editor said his decision didn’t mean he thinks
it’s a right to boycott Apple instead he noted he chose to support the well
respected company away by using its products however considering his status
there is a rising concern in China maybe in the course of promoting Apple
boycotts as a retaliation against the Trump administration’s a black listing
of Hawaii the Chinese editor also implied that he may completely throw
away his old iPhone and depending on how the us-china trade talks are developed
in addition to Chinese customers are growing disdain with Apple Huawei users
in other countries are also expressing their frustration with Washington’s a
tough sanctions on Hawaii know this sort of thing is unacceptable it’s again the
customer that has to suffer because of some argument the Americans have with
Chinese companies I think it is totally unjustified Chinese companies are
previously rallied behind the tech giant at last December offering hefty
discounts to employees to buy Hawaii devices and shun iPhones
despite Hawaii being a locked out of a Google’s Android operating system under
the new US regulations the Chinese attack from pledged on Monday to
continue to contribute to the development and growth of Android around
the world China’s a foreign affairs ministry also emphasizes a commitment to
support Chinese enterprises by defending their legitimate rights through legal
methods kim dummy arirang news meanwhile President Xi Jinping’s recent visit to
rare earths facility has fueled speculation that the strategic materials
could be used as a retaliation measure as a trade war heats up and weaponized
in a china’s tit-for-tat with the US on trade
now she’s visit was accompanied by lyoha the Vice Premier who loved the Chinese
side in the trade negotiations with Washington the u.s. realizing
and the dominant global supplier for about 80% of its rare-earth imports


100 thoughts on “‘Boycott Apple’ Movement grows in China as U.S. goes after Huawei”

  • China is one of unethical country which is serious threat to world.. whole world should boycott China, So China know how to behave with other countries…✌️?

  • 9 Million Subscribers But With Saved Memes says:

    Though I dont like Huawei or apple myself and am more of a Samsung user, both of these brands can use this as a massive opportunity… from chaos comes order

  • Jaime Herloch says:

    The irony, china yells that americans are bully, yet they bully smaller nations around them, claiming ownership of a freaking ocean. Tasting your own medicine eh. There's more to come, just wait.

  • Çhéèsêbäll says:

    We do know …… Huawei is doing secret coding in Huawei to send secret data to Chinese servers…..!

  • Ant_TonyLOL KID says:

    So many boycotting happening in Asia in the last few weeks…
    Also… this is the same China that became zombie hordes for Kaws x Uniqlo shirts… something that way too many people have in other countries…

  • abdullah abdulaziz says:

    First Turkey did now Chinese
    But iPhone makes 1% of Chinese smartphone market so that's like meh to them they were losing anyway

  • Rocky Balboa says:

    Now US will be scared that Chinese wont buy their phone. What next China, steal some other tech. China and its people and lazy thieves. They only know how to steal from others. Keep your Made in China garbage with you.

  • Superb china…. Everyone should stop moving to USA n stop all support to USA……then USA will understand bloody hell

  • Flamer Gamer says:

    We only wanted him to build the fucking wall, which he can’t even do properly. We didn’t ask him to do any of this other shit. God damn it trump

  • justamatter v says:

    They're not missing a lot by not using Apple anyway. If anything, it forces them to be more creative and take over the greedy American companies, and soon Samsung will bite their fingernails as well for adopting Apple's greedy business practice.

  • Trump: i will Drop the mother of all Bomb in China like what happened in japan before.. China is so weak said TRUMP…

  • Look at those Wu Maos, Huawei fckd up, so they just want to hits US buy boycotts? Ahahah Go defend your Commies Country like Tiananmen Square Massacre didnt happen., China is the fake version of Taiwan. 0.50 yuan per comments just to manipulate the internet. Winnie the Pooh
    Free Tibet
    Tiananmen Square Massacre 1989

  • In China there is this term called 封杀 which basically means boycott. They have used it on lots of foreign products or celebrities because of political reasons and the masses follow these trends. For example, when South Korea and China had beef a few years ago, there was this singing competition with a Korean star on it and halfway through the competition they just started censoring him out. They literally removed all the cuts with his face and even went as far as to censor his voice. Also, there was a dispute regarding the South China Sea and they boycott Phillipines' products. A famous Taiwanese magician who once bowed before the Japanese Emperor for a magic act was also boycotted on national TV in China even though he was famous there because they claimed that he was a dog bowing it's head to another emperor. This is how the Chinese from China behave and think. So before any of you blindly support their actions, think again.

  • Lie Stefanus90 says:

    China isnt really apple market just the production was made there. Apple should just move their factory. Dont get stuck with one polluted country, still lot of potential like vietnam and india were samsung was made in there too. Oh ya go fuck ur communist society

  • Ban apple in China
    And block all trades with the Usa
    Dont sell us nothing and tell USA that we need to get right and get out of the bullshit
    Watching on my Huawei honor 8x max here in Texas and my service is with cricket
    This is the best big budget smart phone created by a Chinese company
    And the reason why I got it was because Samsung and apple are to expensive
    Yes I know that Samsung has affordable devices
    But when compared to Huawei
    I saw no reason to get a Samsung
    And the phones are a lot smaller than my phablet
    So in my opinion
    Huawei isn't cheating there customers
    Apple and Samsung are
    And America is jealous that Huawei is better
    And the whole spying on us is just a lie to try to divert people from buying Huawei devices
    These overrated companies
    And our government is to superstitious
    And jealous

  • U.S and China are battling for 5G tech Paten, because whoever will win this battle, the country will reserve alot amount of money for the revenue

  • SitiNurCumot Cumot says:

    If there anyone wish to throw away their iphone pls throw it in an envelope then send it to my address

  • It's unjustified it's the people's pockets that has suffered with this hopefully China will come up with a new os w/o pre installed fuck like facebook.

  • Dharta Sutedja says:

    sorry China doesn't steal but makes better than its teachers, Japan, Germany, France and others.. Chinese technology will defeat US weapons !!

  • China should immediately slap a 50% export tariff on all Apple products and ban Apple sales in China – that would show the Trump administration that bullying and unfair business practices has consequences.

  • It’s much easier to boycott US products than Chinese products. Not many stuff are made in USA and they are usually expensive.

  • I have been boycotting rotten Apple and their Macintrash since the 90's. The products they make are absolute garbage. Apple won't even deny that they build all their products to fail in a very short amount of time. They even go to court to defend their right as a company to support planned obsolescence. And they fight tooth and nail to prevent repairs and replacement parts to be available to consumers. Consumers need to research the companies they buy from. Stop blindly handing over your money to these greedy corporations that treat humans as numbers.

  • o_0 More & more Americans hate Apple too! World's greediest & evo trillion dollar corporation! They don't "respect", nor support our right to repair, and cause their own older devices to needlessly break! They do not support 3rd party repairs because they want all the money & refuse to share in the wealth "we" helped them to build! They flat out lie about what's really wrong with your devices, so you pay way more than you needed to, or have buy a new one! They treat & pay their foreign employees like garbage! Millions of Americans every year wake up to these depressing & cruel facts & make the simple switch to PC instead…problem solved! ( :~Fin~: )

  • .The mainland chinese are always nevrotic with outsiders never with their sclerotic goverment and they drink propaganda juce daily.These lost sheeps are always fast in REVENGE by boicotting anyone that critisize them ,wether is Philippino mango , or Japanese cars ,or Apple or the Chatay Pacific airline because the hostess love freedom……better give them their own medicine and vote with our wallet.

  • Chinese people don't even need to become "patriotic" to choose Huawei cellphones over Samsung or Apple cellphones. I live in the US, I own an iPhone 6S but if given the choice I would pick an Huawei cellphone. Do NOT take my word for it on the superiority of Huawei cellphones! Make your own research!

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