Bullet Journal 2018 Setup

Bullet Journal 2018 Setup

Hello Everyone! Today’s vídeo will be all about my new
bullet jornal and Setup for 2018. Before I say anything else, I need to disclaim
that I was heavily inspired by penpapersoul for my current bullet journal setup. It was her Instagram account that got me into
bullet journaling again, since she combines complex layouts with a very minimal aesthetic,
which I love. Please go follow her because her account is
incredible and she deserves tons of kudos for her work. On another note, I have partnered with Amino
again to create a Bullet Journal challenge for 2018 and since that is a great place for
users to share your interests I though it would be the ideal platform. Amino Apps is a community where passionate
user share their experiences, pictures, posts, challenges and opinions on hundreds of different
topics. As before, I am especially focusing on the
Bullet Journal amino app, which is an Amino group that has tons of challenges and updates
from users from the bullet journaling community and you can even live chat with everyone and
share your latest ideas with the Amino chatroom. To win a special prize, all you have to do
is download Amino Apps for free, join the Bullet Journal Amino community and start submitting
pictures of your new layouts and setup for your 2018 bullet journal. If you submit your bullet journal pics with
the hashtag #Marianastudycorner until the 15th of January you will be entitled to win
one Amazon giftcard valued 100 dollars to buy tons of stationery and supplies to get
organized for the new year. All the information on the challenge will
be down in the description box below. So I’ve found my favorite notebook brand
for bullet journaling and that is the Lemome classic dotted notebook. This notebook retails for 10 pounds, which
is way less than moleskine and leuchtturm notebooks and besides the wonderful details,
like the pen loop, flexible spine and stitched cover, the paper is actually double the thickness
of those other brands. Because of that the Lemome is the perfect
notebook for hand lettering, brush pens and all the supplies that tend to ghost or transfer
to the other side of the page. The down side is the lack of a table of contents
and numbered pages but that is something that you can easily forget after you start writing
on this paper. For my first spread we have a yearly overview
of 2018, very similar to the same format I adopted in my last bullet journal. I don’t use yearly spreads that much but
it’s good to have in your notebook to know when specific dates will be happening and
just to have a year at a glance layout in case you need one. Then we have a very simple table of contents
with page numbers and the topics or spreads I will be using. I will be filling this up as the year goes
so there’s still not much to see here. After my table of contents I started doing
the BohoBerryChallenge which is a 31 day year end review challenge that focuses on the things
you did well in 2017 and how can you prepare further for the new year. The image is blurred since the contents are
quite personal but you can still have a glimpse at the kind of layout I used for the challenge
and the type of look I am going for. Then we’ve got my monthly spreads or overviews. As I’ve done previously, I’ve decided
to do my monthlies in a batch since I always find it useful to keep it all together in
the beginning of the journal. I only have January till March though, since
that covers the overall second term for my Master’s and I think it’s enough to keep
organized for the next few weeks. I’ve chosen to keep the design very minimal
and use colored dotted stickers to mark my classes and seminars, something that I did
a lot when I used my Filofax planner, and tried to avoid filling in the boxes with minimal
tasks or other small events, since those aren’t relevant for a monthly view. After the monthlies there’s a monthly spread
of January. Instead of a month at a glance format, this
spread will be the first thing to come before I start doing my to-do lists and it focuses
on specific to-dos, priorities and projects for a specific month. On the left side you have major tasks that
need to be completed during the month, a description of my expectations for the month, my priorities
and that month’s wishlist or things I need to buy.On the right side I have Youtube ideas,
projects and blog posts brainstorming. After that there’s two more pages of BohoBerry
challenge, which focuses more on plans for 2018 so I thought it would be a good idea
to push those after January. Finally I have the big novelty for this year’s
bullet journal and that will be a weekly spread before I start my dailies. I was never a fan of weekly spreads but I
didn’t feel focused enough with my daily to-do lists for this past term so I was trying
to come up with a good way to put a week-in a glance in one page and still be able to
have flexibility as to how long my days would be and how many tasks I had to put in while
I was filling the notebook during the month. For this I decided to go with weekly trackers
instead of monthly, which gives me more flexibility to change habits according to that specific
week. I also have tasks assigned for a certan week,
like paying for rent, bills that are due and youtube related tasks, and then a small “happening
this week” section with all major events and tasks that will happen in those seven
days. The Lemome bullet journal comes with these
tabs in the back which I think I will use to mark the different monthly overview spreads
as I fill them in over the year. For the rest, I will be adopting the same
daily to-do list logic as I talked about in my previous bullet journal video, and that
will be pretty much it for my 2018’s planner. I hope you enjoyed today’s video and I will
see you next week, as always. Bye!


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