– [Ian] What does emoji mean? – [Anthony] Emo Jesus. – Shut up! – Do you think maybe it’s time to clean up some of this garbage? – Nah. – Really? – Yeah. – If only Business Boy were real, though. He’d take care of all of this. – Oh, totally. On a somewhat unrelated note, who’s Business Boy? – Legend has it that if you receive the Business Boy emoji three times, he’ll show up to your house and take care of all of
your responsibilities. They say some kids grow up too fast. – I guess I should be a
little bit more responsible. (ominous music) Hmm, guess everything’s gonna be okay! – [Narrator] But for
those who never grow up. – Why are you cleaning
at three in the morning? What are you, my mom? (crying) Why are you crying while you’re cleaning? What are you, my dad? – I can’t stop. He’s making me do this! – Who? – Business Boy. – He’ll come for you. (snickering) – Dude, I’ve gotta snap this. This is too perfect. What? – He’s making me be responsible. You have to help me! – I don’t know how! – [Narrator] He won’t rest, he won’t stop until he gets what he wants. – He made me iron my
jeans, fold my clothes, diversify my stock portfolio! – Just calm down, man,
you’re gonna be okay. – Anthony, what is he making me do now? – He’s making you do your taxes! – Just like Wesley Snipes! – I don’t get that reference! – Me neither! – We need to defeat him. I’m coming, Ian! Damn it, this screen’s
too close to my face. – Help Anthony. I can only roll so much lint! (grunting) – I’m just gonna text
Business Boy to myself. – No, Anthony, don’t do it! – I have to. (ominous music) I immediately regret this decision! (whimpering) Why do dentists recommend this? – [Ominous Voice] Business Boy. (screaming) – I just want a little sip. Fine! Okay, I’ll drink the nonfat, even though it tastes like (censored)! – [Ominous Voice] Business Boy. (speaking in Mandarin) – Damn it, we’re becoming too responsible. We can’t give in! – You’re right, we have to get rid of him. – What if we send a chain message so he’ll never come back? – You mean, like threaten them with death if they don’t send the message
to three of their friends? – Worse. (dinging) – [Ominous Voice] Business Boy. – [Ian] Hey, guys, thanks
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