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Today’s lesson 15 business idioms to help you in the workplac. But wait if
you’re not interested in learning business idioms still keep watching
although these idioms are specifically related to work and jobs it doesn’t mean
that we don’t use them in general everyday English they are still
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with the lesson 15 business idioms that we use in day-to-day English idiom
number one to get your foot in the door we’d often say this when you get a job
usually not your ideal job starting to work at the company where you can work
your way up and get promoted I always wanted to work for that company and I
finally got my foot in the door number two sounds like a food idiom but it
actually is referring to business a slice of the pie to share money
profits the benefits of a business adventure so he really wanted to have
but his slice of the pie meaning he wanted to
have his share of the money most probably the company made a really big
profits and they all wanted a slice of the pie we really do like pies in
English number three is to have a finger in every pie this describes a person who
has multiple interest in many different businesses often in a negative way
people might not approve of this he’s interested in every aspect of the
industry he’s got a finger in every pie number four and I really do like this
one to hold the fort if you ask somebody to hold the fort
you are simply asking them to take control and responsibility for a
temporary period of time a fort was traditionally a castle a fortress where
people could not enter and it was protected by other people with bows and
arrows however in this situation we’re talking about the business or shop
perhaps while the boss is out of the office I have to hold the fort to have a
responsibility for a place a situation possibly someone while another person is
unavailable number five red tape something that I
don’t think any of us enjoy red tape is often the rules of the official rules
that can actually delay things they’re usually very complicated rules that can
cause a lot of problems and and really slow the business process down you have
to go through endless red tape to start up a business number six is a nice and
simple to get the ball rolling and this simply means to get something started
whether it is a project or setting up a business come on let’s get the ball
rolling and get the investment money we need so let’s start the project let’s
get the ball rolling now often in business you need to be on time and
rather than say don’t be late or exactly 1 o’clock
people will say 1 o’clock sharp means exactly at that time not a minute
before not a minute after so when we use the
adjective sharp when related to time we are talking about being very very
punctual meeting is starting at 1:00 o’clock sharp
money money money there is lots of it in business at least there is if you’re
making a profit and the expression a ballpark figure means around about we
don’t know the exact amount of often money it is an approximation around
abouts could you give me a ballpark figure on
costs could you give me a rough an approximate number number nine
bottom line oh right native speakers use this to draw things to a conclusion the
bottom line is he really isn’t good at his job so this is kind of coming down
to basics to the essentials that is how it is the bottom line could also refer
to a company’s of businesses net earnings that’s the money after paying
taxes and costs so what the profit is that they make after everything else has
been taken out of the equation so the bottom line but the first one I think is
probably one of the nicest ways to use the idiom the bottom line is you need
business idioms to put something in black and white means that you really do
want something in writing which can be very important in business for well many
legal reasons thinking about this logically
a piece of paper is usually white and the writing is usually black
particularly if it’s been typed so if you have a verbal agreement with
somebody you might say okay but I need this in black and white it means they
want it to be written down now of course black and white can also refer to things
being very clear right and wrong so in this case it’s more general idiom but in
business we’re actually referring to the paper
something being written down almost contractual now number 11 I actually
think might be more of an American idiom I don’t hear it used as
often in the UK to blow a deal to blow a deal now in this case when you blow a
deal it means you’ve ruined it you’ve destroyed the deal and it’s not going to
happen so that means that the business agreement that was in place has now been
taken apart and destroyed the business won’t go ahead he blew the deal and lost
us at the contract number 12 a cash cow now obviously cows don’t usually have
cash they provide milk in this case we’re kind of using it as a metaphor to
say that something is providing a lot of money so a product or service that
produces an abundance a lot of profit for the business this investment could
be a cash cow we can make a lot of money number 13 is really referring to
business competition dog-eat-dog now that doesn’t sound great but it does
emphasize how vicious and competitive business can be often thinking about
people companies only thinking of themselves and not caring if they
destroy the competition the only rule in this industry is dog-eat-dog number
fourteen is flat out now this is a great expression to refer to somebody that has
been working non-stop without stopping and really is now exhausted which is a
bit how I feel this week I have been working flat out really early in the
morning till late at night and I need her break so I’ve been working all week
because I’ve got a deadline at Friday I’ve been working flat out number 15 our
final idiom to be snowed under which is a great idiomatic expression for this
time of year when you are snowed under you literally have so much work that you
feel you are underneath and have all the pressure and you’ve got all this work on
top of you that you have to do I’ve been so snowed under at work I don’t seem to
be able to get it all done guys I hope of those business idioms
were useful and you will try using them in your workplace or indeed like I said
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