Business in Romania: Interview with Labour Inspection Office Timis (English subtitle in the menu)

Timis Province Labor Inspection Office Recorded July 2018 Hello! My name is José Miguel Viñals and I welcome you to a new episode of Business in Romania! Today it is my pleasure to have Mrs. Ileana Tomoiaga by my side, Chief Deputy Inspector at the Timis Province Labor Inspection Office. Welcome! Hello! Thanks for the invitation. Could you please tell us what is ITM, the Labor Inspection Office? The Labor Inspection Office is a public institution that verifies all commercial societies, of mix, private or public capital. We verify the correct application of the labor and safety legislation in those societies. I understand that ITM is equivalent to similar institutions existing in other EU countries? There are correspondents in all EU as institutions of control. Could you tell us how many employers and employees are currently in the Timis county? There are 28.000 companies and 285.000 employees as per today. What would you advise to an investor who would consider the possibility of coming to Romania to open a factory or to carry out another economic activity? In the first place they should prospect the business environment in Romania to find the business type that could work here. They should very well know work and security legislation, the tax law, and all the other norms that regulate the business activity. This means, in fact, hiring specialists. Yes, of course, they need to hire specialists, people who have the necessary diploma to consult in these areas. Representing an official institution, you have much insisted in the need to respect the Law, which is normal. What happens with companies that do not respect legality? As institution of control we verify that all the employees in the company have their labor contract. Workers cannot start activity before having signed the contract the previous day. This contract will be electronically sent to REVISAL. The employee needs to be able, from a medical point of view, to accomplish the job description and needs to receive the salary and all other rights established in the contract. I want to say to those interested to open a company in Romania that for each worker that we might find without contract registered before starting activity, the penalty is 20.000 lei, with the possibility to pay half in 24 hours. If we uncover much more people without contract in their legal form the penalty can be up to 200.000 lei. Thank you very much Mrs. Ileana Tomoiaga, Chief Deputy Inspector at the Timis Province Labor Inspection Office. And thank you very much for following us, we expect you in a next episode of Business in Romania.


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