Can We Contact Your Employer? Best Ways to Answer this Difficult Interview Question!

Can We Contact Your Employer? Best Ways to Answer this Difficult Interview Question!

Can we contact your current employer? Hi, Philip Chesney here from English Interviews. In today’s video, we are going to see the
question, can we contact your current employer. OOOOO this is a tough one and puts you in
a complicated position on how to respond. Imagine HR is interested in your profile and
thinks you are a good fit, but want to interview your current boss first. In many cases, when we are job hunting, we
are in stealth mode, in other words, people at the company don’t know we are on the
job hunt. If they were to find out, it could put you
in a predicament. What HR sometimes doesn’t realize is that
this is inappropriate and could negatively affect you at your current job if you don’t
get the new one. Imagine, you don’t get the job and everything
has gone sour at your current job. You just got screwed. HR should contact previous employers, but
not the current one. Frankly, if they are not sold on your profile
and how you can add value to the company, they are looking at the wrong candidate. It is suggested that you provide the interviewer
3-5 references if possible, but they don’t need to be from the current company. If they ask for a reference from your current
employer, you can tell the recruiter that they will have to make their decision without
talking to your boss or anyone from your current company as this could jeopardize your work
situation if you don’t get the new job. Of course, this is an awkward situation, but
you have already furnished a Resume, Linkedin URL, Cover letter, recommendations, etc. They have what they need. If they can’t find enough there, they might
be amateurs. They are not serious. The only time I would give the recruiter permission
to speak with my boss is if and only if I had already left the company and left on undeniably
great terms. I hope that you have liked today’s tip and
can put it into practice if it does occur. Don’t forget to sign up for the channel
and share it with friends who are on the job hunt. Until next Tuesday.


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  • sir yours every videos is supporting me how to develop our self thax alot sir
    for gives for precious time here
    sir i have little bit confiused in yours this video you are talking about we should mention details contact of our current boss and also previously and references who can talk to with him with also positive feedbacks i am right ?.

  • The Daily Mail threatened to contact my employer if I tried to post on the DM website again.Good luck with that; I haven't had an employer for over 50 years.Jack, the Japan Alps Brit, retited.

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