Cannabis Growth Chambers From Percival Scientific

Cannabis Growth Chambers From Percival Scientific

Percival Scientific knows the science behind healthy cannabis growth. We’ve designed controlled environment chambers to give you optimal results in every growth stage. Whether you’re a researcher or a producer, we know exactly the conditions you need for healthy tissue culture, propagation, vegetative growth, bloom development and drying. We can also create the perfect controlled environment for specific research and commercial needs such as packaging, quality control, stability testing, breeding and strain development. Our chamber designs are flexible, allowing you to transition from one growth stage to the next without having to invest in separate chambers for every stage. And, to fit your space and budget, we offer a broad range of chamber sizes, from bench-top models to walk-ins. You can trust we’ll customize the best solution to maximize your investment and save the expense of purchasing options you don’t need. To learn more about our specialized chambers for cannabis growth, visit our website or call 800-695-2743 for a free consultation. Percival Scientific: Helping you create better science.


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