Car Workers and Robots Work Hand-in-Hand

Car Workers and Robots Work Hand-in-Hand

Robots on a production line are nothing new … but this one’s really special. It’s one of the first in the
world to work hand-in-hand with assembly line staff at a car factory. The device is so clever it learns
how to help you on the job … thanks to high-tech sensors that can
feel when you’re standing next to it. Although it can be programmed
to do anything, from make a coffee … to give you a head massage, at the moment it’s used by Ford workers to lift and position heavy parts on new Fiestas. They’ve only been installed at
two workstations for a short time, but they’re already part of the team. More than 100 years after Henry Ford
invented the moving production line the mini Robots aren’t replacing people. They’re helping them get more jobs done … faster and making it fun! Ford is reviewing extending
use of collaborative robots at other facilities worldwide.


33 thoughts on “Car Workers and Robots Work Hand-in-Hand”

  • Who thinks Ford is going to pay for a worker AND a robot on the same job? It does not make business sense. Where is the worker who used to install this? Is it the guy who pushes a button? You can have one guy push the button on robots in several work stations, doing away with those workers. You see in this video the worker walk away from a robot and go to the next job station. There is nobody at that one either. That shock absorber is not heavy. It is not a MacPherson strut. Ford already rebalances every year in order to reduce the work force by 5%. Do you think they are going to have all these robots and a human on jobs? I don't think so. Look at the "feel good" images of a robot hand giving a thumbs up or doing a fist bump. Isn't that warm and fuzzy? There go the workers. Robots will not be fist bumping anyone. Those people will be on the street.

  • Alfredo Márquez says:

    VERY NICE "INNOCENT" VIDEO…  Friendly people worrking hand-to-hand, shoulder-to-shoulder with powerful, strong and powerful robots!   Until the "Friendly" robot happens to "hit" a software "bug"… and that human(oid) and not very intelligent worker, that shows NO personal protection gear goes flying!this video shows just how dumb are PR people  and CEO´s  showing this irrational stage.Don't let me be misunderstood; KUKA is an admirable company, it´s achievements are wonderful, but the video represents a very dangerous situation. It could have gone mad, and we would be looking at a savage one. Several deaths by industrial robots have been recorded. So, this innocent and nice video shows  just how stupid and naive the manufacturers PR people and CEO’s are.

  • It could either help assemblers with heavy parts and eliminating injury or it can help the German robot company to refine the robot tech to replace the human.

  • Have you seen a video in which a KUKA robot plays against a table tennis champion? Look for it, it's incredible..

  • Marvin Bakerman says:

    Reading these comments, I notice almost every one is negative. It baffles me that all these people who don't work at Ford can only find the bad in life. This is a nice story by one of the worlds greatest employers. With all the auto manufacturers gone out of business and Ford remains at the top is something to celebrate.

  • PaleTrailRider says:

    Most of the automation I've seen cost more, breakes down more, and needs a Skilled Trades worker standing next to it to keep it going.

  • Won't be long the owners of our civilizations won't need to import 3rd world labor to drive down wages or move the factories to places they can pay people $20/day instead of $20/hr.

  • TheAngryCanary says:

    I like how the guy in the video says, 'they are not replacing people.' Yeah right. If we had different leaders, able to figure out how to go into a high-tech low employment future, this wouldn't be a problem. But as is… we're all going to drown at sea while the small island of jobs continues to erode down to nothing.

  • Borb_on_an_Orb says:

    "Aren't replacing people" yeah righto, what a complete lie. They would have been better off not even putting that in the video.

  • not that hard to build a car now days they seam to all look the same just look at ford even the transit van is starting to look like the fiesta car copanys are getting lazy

    dont even get me started on vw mums old 7 seater looks the sact same as a golf just bigger its like the streshed a golf in every corner and relised a car with a new name

  • NEGATIVITY?? Are there any commentors here that embrace technological efficiency with a vision of a world in which humans will be free of the NEED to work and yet due to said technologies ephemeralization will still have access to life's necessities of which a job is not?

    This is the beginning of a world were crime, corruption, poverty, environmental degradation and our species greatest admission to failure, war can be ameliorated unlike any other time in history, why? Because when we do not deny people access to life's necessities we do not incentives violence.

    Please people check out the online resources here on youtube about the "The Venus Project" and "The Zeitgeist Movement"

  • Life.!!! Robots are for work jobs labor where Everyone has robots in home doing everything for Everyone for Everyone needs help

  • А в России? Почему автомобили Форд Фиеста так сильно отличаются по качеству от тех, что производят в Кёльне? Автомобили произведённые под Санкт-Петербургом – лучшего качества нежели автомобили Форд собранные в Набережных Челнах и Елабуге!!!
    И крик души!!! Пожалуйста не отказывайтесь от продаж и производства Форд Фокуса 4ого поколения в России, мы очень его ждём!!!! в 2019году!!!

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