Caracas and chlorinated chicken: Johnson’s first PMQs clash with Corbyn

Caracas and chlorinated chicken: Johnson’s first PMQs clash with Corbyn

As the honourable lady
knows very well this government will take
this country out of the European Union on
31 October and there’s only one thing that stands in
our way and it is the surrender bill currently
being proposed by the leader of the opposition. If the prime minister thinks
he’s made progress, will he publish those proposals
that he’s put forward to replace the backstop? – Prime minister. – As the right honourable
gentleman knows very well, you don’t negotiate in public
and we are making [jeering] substantial progress and we
will get that backstop out. – The prime minister has had
two days before summer recess and then planned to prorogue
parliament. Yesterday, he lost one vote,
his first vote in parliament and he now wants to dissolve
parliament. He’s desperate, absolutely
desperate to avoid scrutiny. [inaudible]
You great big girl’s blouse. – Mr Speaker, he makes a contrast
between this government and his own proposals.
The contrast could not be clearer. We think that the friends of
this country are to be found in Paris and in Berlin
and in the White House and he thinks that they’re in the
Kremlin and in Tehran and in Caracas. And I think he’s Caracas,
Mr Speaker. [laughter] The Shadow education secretary
says that their economic policy and I quote, Mr Speaker,
by your leave, ‘Shit or bust’. I say it’s both.
I say it’s both, Mr Speaker. Well, Mr Speaker,
I know he’s worried about free trade deals with
America but there’s only one chlorinated chicken
that I can see in this House and he’s on that bench.


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