Career Fair Connects Students with Employers

Career Fair Connects Students with Employers

[music begins]
[crowd noise] MATT ONORATO: I actually got an offer for an
internship last year. So now I’m back here looking for another internship for this summer or a job for after I graduate. DESMOND MURRAY: Today we have
the Career and Internship Fair And students get a chance to meet with employers to discuss internship opportunities and full-time employment. MARY JONES: We are the center for Career
Services and we help all students in all majors find their optimal career
paths. So we do that by helping students early and often. We love to see students
as freshmen so we can help them develop their four-year plan and work with them
throughout their academic experience. KATIE MIALE: Career Services was really good. I did
a mock interview. They helped write my cover letters, my resume, and everything. I went to the career fair in the fall which is actually how I got my incoming
summer internship at the Children’s Place. RIANNON VARNEY: They have a lot of companies here that are willing to talk to students about different internship opportunities or
careers after graduation. RYAN REEVES: Northwestern Mutual continues to come back to Marist because we have consistent luck year in and year out. with hiring students either as interns or full-time advisors within our firm. It’s pretty evident as an
employer that the students are well prepared for the Career Fair – to shake
your hand, they had business cards, resumes ready. They can give their elevator pitch about themselves, what they’re looking for, where they’re coming from. The bottom line is whether a student knows exactly what they want to do or whether they’re
still trying to find their way, all students are going to benefit by
participating in this Career and Internship Fair. [music fades out]


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