Career Growth and Getting Your First Clinical Research Job

Career Growth and Getting Your First Clinical Research Job

what ass was are you are you happy about
your career progression right now you know I wanted to ask that just to
provide a little context that question is there’s a lot of demand for industry
professionals who have experience right now it’s almost like you know you could
pretty much get a job very quickly if you have some experience in clinical
research so that you feel like you’re happy with the way your career is
progressed so far yes I’m a hundred percent happy with it I think that I was
very lucky because I have been able to get so much different experience in a
short period of time which not everyone is lucky enough to get it’s not that I
haven’t worked hard for it but I just I think that I’m very fortunate because
there are people who are looking out there to start a career and they have
difficulty doing so as a CRA right now I definitely want to continue being a CRA
um for a while really solidify my knowledge in terms of what monitoring is
and then I’ll see where real life takes me in terms of career okay alright you
said that you said the keyword work from home as a CRA now a lot of the people
that I know that I’m friends with better see arrays tell me that they love you
know being a hundred percent remote you know they only go on site and then
pretty much the other time they’re like in their home office or traveling or
something like that they love not going into the office because of the amount of
freedom and then it provides you know no one’s really looking over their shoulder
they don’t really have anywhere to be if they don’t have any visits that week you
know they can wake up when they want to you know make sure they’re doing their
stuff but you you go into the office so how was that for you um so I can work
remotely when I want to but I choose to at least go and as often as possible so
you know on Friday sometimes I’ll work from home tomorrow I don’t have too much
that requires me to be in the office it’ll work from home but most of the
time I like into the office because I get that
connection with my team um I get to see people that that work as clinical
project managers I get to see the principal scientists I get to work with
R&D and all of that for me as a young professional I think it’s a great
opportunity to learn from everyone later on in my career I may decide that
working from home is what I want to do full-time and I don’t want to have to go
into an office but I think that when you’re learning and you’re you still
have so much to gain from those who are more experienced than you you want to be
able to be in office and connect with those people learn from those people how
powerful that can be you know just like networking in the coffee room or the
cafeteria yeah you know how many people you can mean how many opportunities I
can open up you know just saying hello to somebody that you see in there what
that’s a good point about how much you can learn and how much you can go you
can gain from being in the office even though you don’t necessarily have to be
well okay so so you’ve been in clinical research you’ve had a few positioned
what would you say are the best positions for people to get into the
field um I think the easiest ones from what I’ve seen like job description life
because once I started I never really looked back at the entry-level positions
I wanted to continue growing but I’ve helped quite a few friends look for
positions and it seems like the clinical trial associate positions on the sponsor
level or the NCI row level are a great place to start I’ve seen a lot of those
CTA roles turn into CRA roles if people are transparent about it during the
interview process you know I’m fine for the CTA position because I want to be a
CRA clinical research coordinator positions are also something that you
should definitely look at because those a lot of places will just take you as
long as you have some type of healthcare experience or some experience with
patients or subjects on depending on where you’ve worked or injured
in addition I think that if you have a lot of trouble like if for example
you’re looking for work while you’re still in school I think that you should
look for research assistant positions in psychology labs and maybe the Medical
School is looking for a research assistant if you have a medical school
in your school and and that would really help because you’re also working on
studies whether it’s you know different than Pharma and device studies that’s
fine but you’re still getting the experience of what it’s like to be a
part of clinical research essentially okay then you mention clinical trial
associate now a lot of companies call that different things but it’s probably
like the same thing like this clinical trial assistant so for the anyone that’s
listening you got to keep that in mind that a lot of these positions are really
the same thing but they call them different things depending if that the
company and if you’re at the CEO or the sponsor but yeah definitely a great
study coordinator the CTA role you know you mentioned the medical assistant and
things like that good good all good rolls the door the key thing there is
just to get your foot in the door and then anything else should take care of
itself once you get some experience yeah you have to take what you can get I
think that you don’t want to be too picky in the beginning of the career
obviously you don’t want to pick something that you know you’re going to
hate but you want to you want to keep yourself open to as much as possible
because you never know I’ve seen CTA physicians or clinical trial assistant
physicians turn into tra positions within six months I’ve seen some of them
take two years so I mean if you really don’t know where a position is going to
take you unless you give it a try and if you really are not feeling like career
progression is an opportunity at the company where you start off you can
always move there’s nothing wrong with that but if you shut yourself out from
initial opportunities eventually what will happen is that you’re kind of
pigeon holing yourself accidentally yeah that’s a good point yeah you never
really know where it’s gonna take you and I remember I think a lot of my
friends that are CRA has now got to the industry like 2014-2015 and I remember
they were the companies were just kicking them out the door to become CRA
s like they were just like begging them to like me come see a race immediately
so you know it doesn’t take much much experience if the markets right and I
know last year I think 2017 was a pretty slow year to the industry you agree with
that yeah I have a lot of friends whose younger siblings I guess now are
graduating from college and a lot of them wanted to get into clinical
research so I got a lot of resumes from people think can you look at this for me
I’m having trouble and sometimes I was just like let me just see what’s out
there and it seemed like really what was out there was mid-level positions not
really entry-level positions I mean even the entry-level position said like you
need three years of experience and we all know that we all roll our eyes when
we see something like that but that was the state of you know the job market at
that time right 2018 that’s better yeah I mean I think the big reason for that
was because of all the mergers you had you had LabCorp by Co vans and Chiltern
you had parks out getting bought by Pamplona capital and you had the big
merger between IMC research and event of health becoming sitios so that really
stagnated the market and all those happen like throughout the year so I
think hopefully I’m crossing my fingers we don’t have anything like that this
year so hopefully a lot more positions will open up and I’ve seen it already
yeah yeah one of the indicators I look for is kind of like if there’s contract
project management positions when I see people posting that I know the industry
is in a good place because I can say that I see any of that last year and
that’s a good point um you know adding on to what you should
take well if you’re looking to start off your career don’t be afraid to take
contract positions I think that that’s so important my
crc position was contracted to hire and i mean i’m so thankful that i just went
for it if you work hard i I don’t think I’ve seen anyone not get a full-time
opportunity if it was tempted to hire um if it’s just ten then you you have to be
comfortable with finding something before the end of your contract
but even then sometimes those temp positions just get extended and extended
and extended and if you’re looking to start off your career obviously you may
not be a great bad idea to do it six months and then you’ve had that six
month experience to look for a full-time with benefit job two months contracts
three-month contracts I think are a little bit risky if you’re a fresh
graduate but six months I think is it’s fine you’ll find something as you get
that first three months of experience right I got my start industry on a
three-month contract yeah I guess yeah theory was a big risk but I can say that
the market completely opened up as soon as I had that experience on my resume
like it was a completely different ballgame
way more callbacks from companies and way more interviews significantly more
right and the thing is like a lot of companies now they have those filters
for resumes so if they don’t see like research or clinical trial on the resume
the automated systems that they have to filter out resumes may kick you out even
before they even like it gets to the desk that’s going to look at your resume
so having anything is better than having nothing


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    Does it matter what therapeutic are you work in to gain experience and move up ? ie oncology Crc or vaccine or infectious disease Crc

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