Career Growth at NSA

Career Growth at NSA

I have this mindset, where, and it’s been the same all my life, I just want to keep learning. I may not always enjoy school, but I always want to keep learning no matter what i do. And, here is definitely a place you can learn things that you can’t learn anywhere else in the world. Being an intern, I think it’s a great opportunity. I wish I had it 30 years ago. It gives you the ability to come in and learn things about the agency that you would never have any exposure to otherwise. I think one of the best things about working for NSA is that what you can do here you can’t necessarily do anywhere else You can’t do in industry young, you can only do it here. Atmosphere, opportunity … growth. So those are things you can get here at the agency. I had no idea the good that NSA does for America. I had no idea how much they protect the people. I’ve done some work in startups as well. I’ve had previous internships in different areas, and, I definitely think that the NSA has more to offer than any of those combined. If everyone knew what NSA actually did they would love us. I mean, I feel like we’re the unsung heroes of the world. I think NSA is focused on growing you as much as you’re focused on growing it. So, there’s so many opportunities to develop yourself and to apply what you’ve learned here right at the job. The agency has, I think, a good opportunity for growth. It’s a good opportunity for anyone to come in to get into a development program or not having a development program, but just getting hired on. And there’s opportunity to grow as an employee here. Try to find the office that really matches your skills, because once you do, I mean, you’ll never want to leave, and there is an office here for everyone, no matter what you want to do. I mean from computer science to recruiting, HR, I mean if you’re doing … If you want to jump from a plane, I’m sure there’s probably an office for that, too. Do whatever you want. Like, if you see any organization, or you meet anyone who says anything slightly … that you think you may be interested in, especially if you’re in a program like I am right now, go do it. Learn, go do it, network, meet as many people as you can. Do it, whatever it is, like, even if you don’t even think you can, people here are so understanding. It’s … I think that’s what sets us apart. Everyone here is so willing to teach you. And they want you to be better, they want you to be smarter, because everyone wants to contribute to the mission.


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