CAREERS IN PRODUCTION ENGINEERING – B.Tech,Institutions,Manufacturing Jobs,Recruiters,Salary Package

CAREERS IN PRODUCTION ENGINEERING – B.Tech,Institutions,Manufacturing Jobs,Recruiters,Salary Package

Hello All..This is Manju from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in B.Tech Production Engineering Just like the name suggests, production engineering
is mostly about the study of products and the various processes of its manufacture.
Most production engineers are assigned with the task of seeing how products and commodities
are exactly fabricated, the machines which are going to be used to create the product
and what is the safest and most efficient procedure to get it done. The products could
be almost anything, from something as simple and basic as a newspaper to plastic bottles,
cans and IPods. Sometimes production engineers are also made to increase the transfer of
hydrocarbons from oil into the process of production. Whenever there is some kind of
reproduction or creation of a product involved, there is a higher possibility of finding a
production engineer close by. So if you are planning to become a production
engineer; you must be wondering where your location of work will be. The answer is quite
simple; it could be almost anywhere. This depends upon the kind of production you are
involved in. If it is oil or gas that you are keen on working with, then you’ll be
in some big energy company trying to help the process and boosting cost efficiency.
If consumer goods is what interests you the best, then you could be working for one of
the biggest supermarkets or malls of the city. All of this does sound fun but there is a
lot of effort that needs to be put in before you become a successful production engineer.
You have to have proper understanding of scientific applications and must be good at math too.
Not just that, you have to be up to date when it comes to new technological developments.
Apart from that, you must know how to design, to come up with proper and quality techniques
for the system, select the right kind of knowledge and application in order to revamp the functionality
of the product and to create and implement different processes and services. In order
to start your career in this field, you must finish your 12th standard exam in science
subjects such as physics, chemistry and biology. Once that is done with, apply to engineering
colleges that have production engineering as an undergraduate course. Here are some
of the top colleges in India that have production engineering as a major course
• AISSMS College of Engineering • Al Azhar College of Engineering and Technology
• Anand Engineering College • Birla Institute of Technology
• Chouksey Engineering College • D. Y Patil College of Engineering and
Technology • Government College of Engineering, Pune
• Haldia Institute of Technology Each of these institutions provide you with
a degree in production engineering. They are recognized and proper institutions that have
encouraged young professionals to choose this field of engineering as a career choice.
However if you still have a couple of doubts in mind regarding the field and profession,
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