Catcall Construction Workers

Catcall Construction Workers

– Hey, so we think you guys
are a little underappreciated, so we wanted to let you
know today, you rock. You guys look so strong, you
look like you could carry me. Random inspection, you
guys are looking good. You and I could build
something beautiful together. Are you guys working hard,
or are you working hard. I just want to let you
know that you guys rock. You guys are awesome. You don’t need a crane to lift my heart. I hope your body’s up to code. Your eyes are worth protecting. You must have great eyes, cuz
you know how to protect them. Have a good day. Your muscles look as firm as concrete. You guys are very good-looking. With boots like that, you
must be light on your toes. Those boots are made for working and that’s what they’re going to do. The world needs more people
like you, keep up the good work. You put the hard in hard hat. Sir, you could repair my broken heart. Have a good day sir. If you need help lifting
anything, let me know, I’ll get someone stronger. I build with Legos, you
build with real life, keep up the good work. Thank you for doing what you do. We appreciate it. You guys are awesome too. We appreciate what you do. You guys put the fab in fabrication. No, you stop making me crazy. You are very good-looking sir. Looking good, man, looking good. Have a good day. I just want to let you
know, you guys rock. You rock, have a good day. You don’t need hydraulics
to lift my spirits. Have a good day. Keep up the great work. You’re doing good. Thank you for your work. (laughter) Get it? (laughter) I’m alone. Hey guys, thank you so much
for watching this video, make sure you like it, share it, subscribe to my channel. A huge thanks to BuiltWorlds
for helping us shoot it, and we’ll see you in the next video. Bye. – Keep up that work work work work work as you’re digging that
dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt. And if you want to, bark
bark bark bark bark. Yeah, so we wanted to appreciate obviously what you guys do. – I appreciate that. – And share that kind of– – If those goes to Hollywood,
do I get a cut on the … – It won’t, I’m sorry. – What’s the problem? – No, he says, if it goes to Hollywood – Come on, come on. – We get a percentage. – Keep up the good work guys.


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