Habitify for iOS | 2019 Review – Features, Opinions & Pricing

So in today’s video we are diving into Habitify for iOS and Mac and what we’re going to be doing is a Full-featured review on Habitify giving you some first impressions on the application. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now it’s definitely an application that is impressed me and it’s something that will Definitely […]

How to Be More Productive • 4 Ways to Increase Your Productivity Levels

productivity is not simply doing more things in less time it is something much deeper than that it is a skill that you can develop and use to achieve results in this video I will tell you four ways in which you can integrate the productivity trade into your psyche and in this way adopt a mindset that […]

I’m Overwhelmed

– Hey all, it’s me and today we’re going to talk about overwhelm. That is a completely odd and crazy thing to say when I’m standing in front of a beach. And it’s a little windy out here, so I’m gonna take you inside and talk about this all-important topic of overwhelm and how you can handle it […]

Morning Pages – Write Daily For Clarity, Creativity, Productivity

I want to share something that has made such a positive impact on my life this past year. Morning pages have given me a clearer sense of direction and have led me to take key actions in life. Actually, the concept of Lavendaire came out of a morning pages session. There are just so many benefits to writing […]