Promoting & Growing Your Business

[ Music ]>>The U.S. Small Business Administration and the United States Postal Service present Delivering Success. Growing and promoting your business is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of small business ownership. These three entrepreneurs have found success through innovative ways to promote, market, and grow their businesses. Brenda Reynold’s passion for chocolate led to Sweet Success. […]

Exponential growth and decay word problems | Algebra II | Khan Academy

Let’s do a couple of word problems dealing with exponential growth and decay. So this first problem, suppose a radioactive substance decays at a rate of 3.5% per hour. What percent of the substance is left after 6 hours? So let’s make a little table here, to just imagine what’s going on. And then we’ll try to come […]

Losses from foot-and-mouth disease extends to consumers

No new cases of foot-and-mouth disease have been reported since Monday this week. But having experienced the horrors of the bird flu outbreak, farmers and consumers are still worried. Shin Se-min takes us to the first hit area A mass burial of cows affected by the foot-and-mouth disease takes place beside a local cattle farm. Many of the […]

N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un appears at air combat training competition

Following the latest UN Security Council resolution on North Korea,… the regime seems to be ratcheting up its military threats. The North’s state-run Korean Central News Agency reported Sunday… that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversaw an air combat training competition. This marks the ninth military-related appearance by Kim in the past month. After observing the event, Kim […]

An Nou Pale E05 “Redesigned Website For Haiti Business & Economic News”

we back at it again, a new episode of An Nou Pale! welcome, welcome, welcome again! Whenever you guys would turn and watch me sharing this information really to charge me up, ours me up because everybody who, every single of you is a potential action maker right, someone who potentially will potentially come to the country and […]