Why consumer startups should obsess over their Resting Growth Rate (RGR) with Kent Bennett – Ep 5

(upbeat music) – Investors may not tell you this, but to be a truly exciting early stage consumer startup, you need to grow really fast. 100% growth is sort of just okay. The benchmarks are really scary. If you think of companies like AirBNB, Uber, Pinterest, and others, they were growing 1000% every year, often for several years […]

Influencer Marketing vs Facebook Ads For Shopify Dropshipping in 2020

(soft music) – Yo, what is going on money team, welcome back to another video, It’s your Mohammed Kumar, you already know what it is, I do wanna congratulate our last contest winner, I announced that in the community tab, so if you entered the giveaway of my last video, go check that out in the community section, […]

My Dad’s Girlfriend Brought Lovers Home While He Was On Business Trip || Best True Stories Animated

Hey, guys. I’m Nicole. My dad and I have recently found ourselves in a terrible living situation. The thing is, we had to leave our previous house because I almost burned it down. Ok, I’ll tell you everything. I used to live in some not so great neighborhoods with my dad. He changed jobs pretty often and we’ve […]