How to: Connect Nitra CMV Valve to Productivity via Implicit Ethernet/IP

Here are the minimum requirements to use Ethernet/Ip with the Productivity series CPU. For the Productivity CPU to communicate to the Nitra Valve, these are the communication parameters that we will need for this setup. So the input data is what you are reading from the Valve and the output data is what we are writing to. The […]

Growing Enough Food to Feed a Family – How Much Do You Need to Plant?

[Music] A common question that gardeners ask is “How much is the food we eat as a family can we grow ourselves?” This depends on a number of factors, so here are the key things you need to consider. The biggest factor which will determine how much you can grow is how much land you have. There are […]

Simple Ways You Can Use Scoutify + Buy Lists To BOOST Your Product Sourcing Productivity

The InventoryLab Buy List can be used in so many unique ways. In fact, the list has only grown since the option to import the Buy List and list in bulk was added in early 2017, and we’re excited to share a few of our favorites. Most Amazon sellers using InventoryLab know that they can add items to […]

Dell U3415W vs U3417W Ultrawide Monitor Comparison – Best Productivity Ultrawide?

The Dell U3415 continues to be one of my favorite ultrawide picks for productivity purposes. Nice IPS display, Great industrial design, and a solid Dell warranty. But it is a little old now and was refreshed last year with the newer U3417. But what’s changed? And is it worth paying the small premium for the newer one over […]

How To TRIPLE Your Productivity with Matt Gallant

Hey, everyone. This is Stefan from Today, I’m excited to be interviewing a good friend of mine by the name of Matt Gallant. Now, Matt is a very successful Internet marketer and Internet entrepreneur. He’s sold over $10 million worth of products and services online and has built over 39 profitable websites in various markets and sectors […]

Excel Dynamic Arrays (How they will change EVERYTHING!)

– What you’re about to see is gonna change everything. After this, it’s never going to be the same again. Let me explain. If you learn how to work with super advanced formulas, like, control shift enter formulas, array formulas, like this one, or this one. You’re going to be titled the formula expert in your company. Now […]

IT Support for Software Developers | Cloud Solutions for Service Providers

In this video, we’re going to talk about IT for service providers. In particular, software development companies. Dan, nice to see you. So, let’s talk about how you might support a software-based business when it comes to cloud services. There’s a lot of great software companies out there that have spent years building software for a particular industry, […]