How to Improve Your Focus & Be More Productive | Tom Bilyeu for Goalcast

– This is how you improve your focus and increase productivity. I’m Tom Bilyeu for Goalcast. I co-founded and built the billion dollar brand, Quest Nutrition, starting from scratch, with no knowledge of the food industry, and only about $10000 in startup capital. We grew the company by 57000% in the first three years alone, and Eek Magazine […]

Time Management – 7 tips to manage your time and be more productive

hi I’m Tracy and I’m Jessica and this is she’s on top. The community that celebrates women and shares great advice. Today we’re talking about time management and we have seven, seven fantastic tips that we have found through research, through talking to our experts and also what works for us. And here’s the first one. Okay I […]

Multi Clipboard Manager – CLCL – Productivity Tuesdays 001

Hello Everyone Welcome to the first video in the series productivity Tuesday. Today, I am going to introduce you the most powerful tool, for you and your team. That can boost your productivity dramatically. The Tool is a clipboard manager and it is called CLCL. There are many clipboard managers available. But I have used this tiny yet […]

How to Connect to a Remote Productivity Series Controller via Port Forwarding

Port forwarding is an easy way to access Productivity Series Controllers that are on their own network behind a router from the Productivity Suite Software. BUT it’s not a very secure way to access those controllers. So if network security is a concern for you, then you’ll want to use a VPN to access your Productivity Controllers. We’ll […]

15 Writing Apps to Help You Write Papers and Essays Faster – College Info Geek

The American journalist Gene Fowler once said that, “Writing is easy; All you do is stare at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” Make no mistake though, writing is hard and Fowler was lying. Coffee can help, especially when it’s in a cool mug like this one, but it only goes […]

Using Android apps on Chromebooks for greater productivity and flexibility (Google Cloud Next ’17)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SMITA HASHIM: So, good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to the session. My name is Smita Hashim. I’m the global product management lead for Chrome OS Ecosystem products, which is devices as well as Android applications. Today, me, along with my colleagues, Shahid then Luis, we will be talking to you about Android apps for Chromebooks. So, […]

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