Make Money by Viewing 10 Seconds Ads! Kumita ng pera sa pag-view lang ng ads | Coinpayu

I posted this proof of payment in my Telegram Channel and i posted this last night. Earned 10,169 sats. Received now in (BTC wallet) 0.00014641 btc which includes transaction fee. Hello Everyone! My name is Aiza Mercado and welcome back again with Earn Money with Aiza. Sorry for posting so long coz im very busy doing things […]

Everything You Need To Know About Online Shopping

Hi! Welcome to Mental Floss. I’m Erin McCarthy, and did you know a woman once sold her allegedly haunted cane online for $65,000? That’s one of many interesting facts about online shopping we’ll be discussing today, in this episode presented by Discover. Let’s get started. We’re kicking this episode off with a list of some weird things that […]

How To Breakthrough To Business Growth With Purpose

Hello I’m Neil Lewis I’m the founder of Media Modo and we help entrepreneurs navigate business liftoff and growth. This video is one of six videos exploring the different aspects of The Breakthrough Canvas we have used and developed The Breakthrough Canvas to provide a tool to help entrepreneurs navigate their way through the various stages of startup […]

Growth & Tech Automation for Jira Acquisition – Episode 1

Hi, Welcome to Growth & Tech. My name’s Chris, and I’m all about B2B Growth Marketing, and Sales. And I’m Tom, I’m all about building apps in the Atlassian space. Today we’re going to talk about Automation for JIRA, their exciting growth and acquisition from Atlassian. So they’ve had a hell of a few years. In the last […]

Renee Stoll – TV Reporter Exits News Business to Start Media Company, Fly Drones

in this edition of Ex-TVNewsers we are talking to a woman who left her TV news job she started her own business and likes to fly drones on the side hi I’m Jennifer Moore Ex-TVProducer we are here with Renee Stoll and Renee used to be a reporter and then she decided to leave and do her own […]

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