How to Develop DISCIPLINE & Get Your DREAMS! | Eric Thomas | #MentorMeEric

Many of you are getting distracted because you don’t have something that’s totally Detached it If you won’t get to the next level You’re gonna have to give up something right shut the TV down listen to me put the controller down Want to soar get a mentor what’s up believe nation its Evan This channel is designed […]

Matthias and Amanda on Creativity Tips for Video Creators and Productivity Apps

Hey whats up guys Sean here with Video Influencers and I’m standing here at Vlogger Fair with Matthias and Amanda how’s it going guys Hello hello hello its going awesome its going great this video is brought to you in part by Vlogger Fair and amped up gathering for vloggers creators and their communities visit for the […]

Empower your business with G Suite Marketplace apps (Google Cloud Next ’17)

[MUSIC PLAYING] ANAND SHAH: Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining me today. My name is Anand Shah, and I’m the product manager on G Suite Marketplace. So before we get started, I really want to talk about who you guys are, just in case anyone here is going through sort of an identity crisis. But more seriously, I want […]

How Can You Get Organized? Productivity Coaching with Kyla Rozman

Only twenty-five percent of the population has an organizing brain-type. Which means that seventy-five percent of the population doesn’t know how to get organized, doesn’t have the tools, or just innately will not be able to organize themselves. That seventy-five percent of the population has somehow fumbled on or saw someone else do something; they may have walked […]

Google Sheets – Tutorial 01 – Creating and Basic Formatting

Today, we’ll create a very simple spreadsheet. It will look something like this four Columns three titles name age favorite animals Some names different ages and you will see that everyone gets to give two answers first of all open your drive simply go to This is how the old drive looks in order to create a […]