A social worker has the worst day of his life. Then a homeless man gives him perspective. | Ironied

Next round’s on me guys. Yeah, I got a client tomorrow. Come on, stay up for another. Yeah, yeah. No, I got a client tomorrow. One more drink before we go. No, no, no, no more beer. No more beer. I got enough. Shots? Who? Allison did you get shots? come on buddy, just have another shot with […]

Job Simulator Gameplay – Office Worker – HTC Vive

(Job Bot) Hello, human. Grab a cartridge from the tray and let’s get to work. (Job Bot) There’s never a dull day in the old cubicle farm. (Job Bot) Hello, human! Welcome to an accurate simulation of *monotone voice* office worker. (Job Bot) Take a look at this board for instructions. (Job Bot) Workers would traditionally start their […]

The Filmmaker’s Army: Crash Course Film Production #3

Making a film can seem… daunting. After you have a screenplay and have done your pre-production, you still have to film the thing. And you’re gonna need help. Orson Welles once said, “A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army.” But he also co-wrote, produced, directed, and starred in Citizen […]

Amazon’s The Boys — How Production Design is a Superpower

♪ ♪ How do you create unforgettable worlds? How do you establish unique characters settings and plots? One great way to do this is with production design. ♪ ♪ But stylish design for its own sake isn’t enough. Locations, props, wardrobe and set dressing they are opportunities for you to convey mood, tone and theme without saying a […]

GTA 5 Epic Jobs | EXTREME CHAOS GTA Online | GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA V Online)

GTA 5 GTA GTA online GTA 5 funny moments GTA video what i do. came today to this video coming off we got some news there are millions all ladies out there who are still horny and I shot despite Jake and for every like this video gets Ryan will have sex within or horny lady to satisfy […]

How To Create a Print Ready Business Card Design

Hello everyone this is Chris from Spoon Graphics back with another video tutorial. Today I’m going to run through the process of designing a business card and talk about some of the important things to consider when designing for print. It’s super important that you get things like bleed, color mode and resolution right when you’re creating your […]

Senator Cory Booker Stands Up for Workers | Fourth Democratic Debate

Thousands of GM workers here in Ohio and across the country are on strike. All of you on the stage have voiced support for these workers. Senator Booker, one of the latest impasse is in negotiations involves bringing jobs back from Mexico. As President, how would you convince GM to return production to the United States? Well, first […]