News Wrap: U.S. employers added fewer jobs than expected in August

JUDY WOODRUFF: In the day’s other news: U.S. businesses slowed their hiring in August amid global economic weakness and the tariff war with China. The Labor Department reports employers added a net of 130,000 jobs, fewer than expected. That total included 25,000 temporary workers hired for the 2020 U.S. census. The unemployment rate held steady at 3.7 percent, […]

Employment Litigation Attorney Angeli Murthy | Advice for Employers and Employees

(gentle music) – My advice would be to, when people bring claims to treat those as valuable, to treat those as learning experiences, to treat those with respect because when employers don’t treat their employees with respect, when they raise complaints, that’s when they come to us. That’s when you have lawsuits and people could avoid half of […]

Respiratory Protection for Healthcare Workers Training Video

This is a presentation about the use of respirators in healthcare settings. In certain situations, healthcare workers may need to be protected from airborne hazards, such as infectious agents or hazardous chemicals in their workplace. Respirators are a type of personal protective equipment, or PPE, that can protect you from breathing in such hazards. After viewing this video, […]

Employer Interviews

Hewlett Packard has a long history with San Jose State, and we value the curriculum here across the business school, marketing degrees, the technical degrees as well – and have been recruiting here for a long time; in fact, I’m a San Jose State Alumna, coincidentally! And we have a lot of employees from this school, it’s great […]

Jeremy Corbyn crowned least popular Opposition leader since records began – Live News 24

JEREMY Corbyn suffered an eve of conference bombshell on Friday as he was crowned the least popular Opposition leader since records began  The devastating blow comes as he was ridiculed for his muddled Brexit position after he refused eight times to say if he is pro Leave or Remain  And in a torrid day for the Labour chief, […]

Maximizing Profit In Landscaping and Lawn Care Business ($20,000 in 3 Days)

just move the circus over from the past job to the new job let’s check out the circus got the dump truck the dump trailer a little port-a-potty in there this dump trailer and then we got the tool trailer pretty nice huh people are like hey man do you have a yard nope I’m like a circus […]