? How to Value a Company in 3 Easy Steps – Valuing a Business Valuation Methods Capital Budgeting

How to Value a Company in 3 Easy Steps, How to Value a Business – Valuing a Business Valuation Methods Capital Budgeting Welcome back to our second part of Capital Budgeting, which is Valuing a Business. Brought to you by MBABULLSHIT.COM. Before this video, you should first understand present value, net present value, basic capital budgeting, and the […]

U.S. citizen mistaken for illegal immigrant by ICE workers in Oregon

I was targeted, I was stalked, I was singled out, I was discriminated, humiliated and left out there hanging after being done wrong to. Do you have a warrant? Are you with ICE? Do you have a warrant for arrest? Do you have any identification that you can show them? we do not know you please back away […]

Logic Pro X Beginners Tutorial – An Introduction to Music Production in Logic Pro X

Hi and thank you for joining me in this introduction course to Logic Pro X. So this is a beginners course so if you’ve after a more advanced course I would not recommend this, but if you’ve just starting making music with Logic or DAWs, digital audio workstations this course could really help you quite a lot just […]

Employers Rarely Hire People With Disabilities. Here’s Why They Should [Insights]

– I feel like it’s shooting to the stars, having a job. -Maybe we can demonstrate to the world that people with disabilities can perform as well or better. – I have autism, learning disability, and hearing loss. I have a mixture of all three, which is pretty hard, but a good battle for life. -We’ll get some […]

Designing the World of Film: Crash Course Film Production #9

‘Mise-en-scene’ literally means “placing on stage.” But in film, mise-en-scene encompasses everything the camera is capturing. It’s the set and how it’s lit. It’s how the subjects are framed. It’s the actors and how they look and what they’re wearing. It’s the props they’re holding and the set dressing they’re moving through. Just as every line of dialogue […]