CBE Connecting Students to Employers

CBE Connecting Students to Employers

I think the biggest value i got was internships. The CBE does it in a special way. Mainly because it doesn’t matter where you are in your career level, or where you are in your class level, there’s an opportunity in the CBE for you. The college not only markets the businesses to students and connects them, but the market the students to the businesses, and say, “We have great students who will be an asset to your company you would be foolish not to hire them.” Professors are lovely, but not only professors, but the other departments that are here to aide students in being successful. Meeting people who care about your success makes you feel better and makes you know that you actually can be successful. Any student who comes in is going to put forth some effort to find an internship for their program. Lisa Michocki, the director there, she’s absolutely able to help them. Now I mean our students come in and they’re worried and anxious about getting a job, and then they come in and do a resumé review, or sit with an employer. Like we have an employer today who’s doing mock interviews and be able to talk to them about different things that they have to offer, and a big part of that is because of what we do in the department to connect our students to employers. I think they doing very well you know I have constant contact with the College of Business and Economics and no being involved on campus and all being just around the students in general and having them as kind of a liaison to get us in front of the students really helps out. We do on campus interviews for both our full time management training program in our internships, and we’ve had many successful hires as well as interns that have come through the College of Business and Economics. I love kinda having a home university. Not just coming and going to class. I walked the halls I see people I know, we have talks to have conversations we hang out after class. It was great how we have more of a home rather than just a school.


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