Chicago’s Best Bacon: BBQ’d Productions Grill

Chicago’s Best Bacon: BBQ’d Productions Grill

we wanted to start this bacon episode
off with a bang and I heard about this amazing bacon dish that they’re serving
up the barbecue productions in third Lake only problem is I don’t know where
the third lake is lucky for me I’ve got the built-in navigation system in the
2017 Chrysler Pacifica taking us there right now you have reached your
destination all right Chris tell us a little bit
about barbecue productions so I started in 2009 after getting laid off from the
logo Police Department decided to take my pension and start a little catering
company what does the link happen from police led to barbecue I went to the
internet and just read about barbecue and learned how to do it in a couple
days and open up two weeks later with our Reni so you a YouTube tutorial
pittmoss 1% this is our bacon episode and we heard on facebook twitter and our
rap that you guys make what is it the barbecue productions double smoked
Applewood smoke thick cut bacon on the outside and then we stuff it with six
different meats sausages cheese barbecue sauce and rub the happiest day of my
life oh my god are you guys drooling right now guys run a test
this is where our story begins yes I need to learn the secrets of the week
you need to learn how to dissin crafting okay so you can take your bacon and
you’re going to align your cutting board with it you’re going to fold over every
other one now you’re gonna take another piece of bacon and then you fold them
back over if two trains are heading towards bacon station no one’s going 40
miles an hour and the other ones going to help no you can’t drink your beer
yeah yeah this is a tough day hey your bacon we’ve him I’m pretty good nice
chef thank you very much Chris I didn’t a chef while Chris Pat’s himself on the
back I give our we’ve a spice rub down get a nice shake thank you very much
thanks for noticing yeah my eyes are up here though and bathe it in maple
Chipotle barbecue sauce ah there are teeth we lay down a ban of ground
Italian sausage and load up on brisket pulled pork and Joey sausage meat
mountain is taking shape yep and finish with a blend of six different cheeses
because sure you know why not so as you’re rolling in all your meats
in the start trying to fall out keep rolling and there you have your rolled
barbecue production so this now needs to go in the smoker it does about four
hours okay so you go on ready to go though yes good and you and I go to hog
heaven my friend okay okay bacon me up Chris I didn’t know I love bacon until I
tried the barbecue production the taste was just phenomenal
besides bacon on top of bacon get the cheese you get the brisket you get all
kinds of meats now wrapping making smoked ass bacon bacon and more bacon
how do you tackle something my mom invited but six friends Oh hahaha it’s
perfection Kevin that’s America right there it’s America in a smoker and I’m a
fan of that Chris your presentation is a little special it is the barbecue
production that we made in the back one pound of our garlic mashed potatoes that
we make in here enough and then on top of that
house-made onion straws we believe to eat with your eyes so we wanted to look
amazing it does the job clink it I love me but the twice smoked
Big Top sexual bacon initials it is it’s hey you kidding me
you don’t see the sexiness in that bacon oh it’s very sexy right okay go down
better talking my big that’s a pinup right there awesome there are no need
for me to say any more words Oh see right yes I see we’re just gonna leave
I’m hungry that’s right you


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