Chinese Worker Tells Black Man To Go To China to Get A Wife!

Chinese Worker Tells Black Man To Go To China to Get A Wife!

**LET’S ROCK** **IT’S A STRUGGLE FINDING FOOD TO EAT THESE DAYS** ((MANDARIN)) Happy New Year! ((MANDARIN)) Happy New Year! ((CANTONESE)) Happy New Year! ((CANTONESE)) I know how to speak both Mandarin and Cantonese ((CANTONESE)) Really….you know how to speak that? ((CANTONESE)) I know how to speak ((CANTONESE)) Where were you in Hong Kong? ((CANTONESE)) Actually, I haven’t been to China ((CANTONESE)) I’ve been studying Mandarin and Cantonese the whole time in America ((CANTONESE)) So, you’re learning in school or something? ((CANTONESE)) I learned by myself ((CANTONESE)) Learned by yourself? ((CANTONESE)) Yes, I learned by myself ((CANTONESE)) Wow, you are awesome! ((CANTONESE)) Is everybody here speak? ((CANTONESE)) No, I’m the only one that knows how to speak it ((CANTONESE)) I also couldn’t speak. I learned here ((CANTONESE)) Where are you from? ((CANTONESE)) I’m Fuzhounese ((CANTONESE)) Oh yea? ((CANTONESE)) Yea ((CANTONESE)) Is she Fujianese as well? ((CANTONESE)) No ((CANTONESE)0 They are from different places ((CANTONESE)) For example? ((CANTONESE)) You don’t know? ((CANTONESE)) You been there? ((CANTONESE)) No? ((CANTONESE)) No ((cantonese)) Thank you very much ((CANTONESE)) Thank you very much ((CANTONESE)) Thank you ((CANTONESE)) How long have you known how to speak? ((CANTONESE)) Cantonese, two years ((CANTONESE)) But as far as Mandarin…it’s been more than 10 years ((CANTONESE)) Wow, long time. You’re awesome ((CANTONESE)) Hello! ((CANTONESE)) Happy New Year! ((CANTONESE)) She doesn’t know that ((MANDARIN)) Happy New Year! ((MANDARIN)) How are you? ((MANDARIN)) Are you busy today? ((MANDARIN)) Are you busy? ((MANDARIN)) Yes ((MANDARIN)) Right ((MANDARIN)) What did you say? ((CANTONESE)) You could go over to China and get a wife LMFAOLOLOLOLOLMFAOLOl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ((MANDARIN)) I’m too young ((MANDARIN)) I’m not ready to get married ((MANDARIN)) **CORRETION** ”You are not ready” ((MANDARIN)) I don’t have money ((MANDARIN)) You don’t have money? ((MANDARIN)) I’m poor ((MANDARIN)) Too young ((MANDARIN)) No money, so I can’t get married ((CANTONESE)) Where do you live? ((CANTONESE)) I live here ((CANTONESE)) You were born here? ((CANTONESE)) Yes. I’m also…….this is my brother ((CANTONESE)) We were both born here ((CANTONESE)) Same father and mom? ((CANTONESE)) Same ((MANDARIN)) Where are you from? ((MANDARIN)) Younger brother, older brother ((MANDARIN)) They’re both brothers! ((MANDARIN)) I just asked him if they had different fathers ((MANDARIN)) Where is he from though? ((MANDARIN)) I’m American ((MANDARIN)) You can ask me. I can speak both Mandarin and Cantonese ((MANDARIN)) He speaks Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Yeah, he’s awesome ((MANDARIN)) So awesome ((MANDARIN)) Thank yoiu ((MANDARIN)) Pretty good ((MANDARIN)) He should learn how to speak Fuzhou language ((MANDARIN)) There’s another guy…he isn’t black ((MANDARIN)) Who? ((MANDARIN)) He’s Mexican ((MANDARIN)) He is really good ((MANDARIN)) You can speak Chinese. Nobody taught you? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) Usually people chat. Do you chat? ((MANDARIN)) I can ((MANDARIN)) I already know ((MANDARIN)) Do you know how to write Chinese? ((MANDARIN)) I can ((MANDARIN)) Study? ((MANDARIN)) Then you were able to? ((MANDARIN)) I studied then became able to ((MANDARIN)) Are your parents… ((MANDARIN)) They are American ((MANDARIN)) Black American ((MANDARIN)) But I didn’t start learning until I was 18. Now I am 36 years old. ((MANDARIN)) Learned for 18 years ((MANDARIN)) You are very smart ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) You should go and teach and make a lot of money ((MANDARIN))But I.. ((CANTONESE)) Being able to speak Cantonese, Mandarin… ((CANTONESE)) But I’m not interested in that ((CANTONESE)) You’re not interested? ((CANTONESE)) No ((CANTONESE)) What do you do? ((CANTONESE)) Now I’m a teacher ((CANTONESE)) Teach other languages ((CANTONESE)) Oh, you teach? ((CANTONESE)) Yes ((CANTONESE)) Where at? at a school? ((CANTONESE)) Own business ((MANDARIN)) Business ((CANTONESE)) How do you say that in Cantonese? ((CANTONESE)0 Own business ((CANTONESE)) Do you have a partner? ((CANTONESE)) No ((CANTONESE)) I mean, where are you teaching? ((CANTONESE)0 At home ((CANTONESE)0 I use the computer to teach ((CANTONESE)) How long have you been doing that for? ((CANTONESE)) 10 years ((CANTONESE)) 10 years?! ((MANDARIN)) You mean how long I’ve been doing that for? ((MANDARIN)) He said that he is 36 years old ((MANDARIN)) He said that he started learning Chinese when he was 18 and now he is 36 ((MANDARIN)) I asked him how long he’s been working and he said 10 year, right? ((MANDARIN)) Almost. That’s 26 years old ((MANDARIN)) This is a good thing here in America ((MANDARIN)) Because America needs this kind of person, right? ((MANDARIN)) That’s right ((MANDARIN))Being able to speak Cantonese, uh Fuzhounese.. ((MANDARIN)) I saw a black guy here in America that can speak Fuzhounese- My local language. ((MANDARIN)) I’m the first? ((MANDARIN)) No ((MANDARIN)) I mean, you speak Mandarin ((MANDARIN)) Cantonese is also a local language ((MANDARIN))But Cantonese.. ((MANDARIN)) I’m telling you that I saw a guy able to speak my local language ((MANDARIN)) It’s better to speak Cantonese ((MANDARIN)) It’s a big language ((MANDARIN)) It’s better to speak Cantonese? ((MANDARIN)) Original language of China… ** I think that’s what she means here** ((MANDARIN)) Really not bad ((MANDARIN)) You should go to China ((MANDARIN)) I certainly will ((MANDARIN)) Really ((MANDARIN)) It’s not enough just seeing some of it here in America. You have to go and see. ((MANDARIN)) That’s good. Speaks 3 languages ((CANTONESE)0 He doesn’t know how to speak? ((CANTONESE)) He’s learning Mandarin ((CANTONESE)) You can practice with him ((CANTONESE)) I’m afraid he may not know lol ((MANDARIN)) Practice ((MANDARIN)) Happy New Year ((CANTONESE)) Are you married? ((CANTONESE)) Married? no…. ((CANTONESE)) You don’t have any kids? ((CANTONESE)) Nah, I don’t have any ((MANDARIN)) You don’t understand? ((CANTONESE)) I don’t know how to speak Cantonese ((MANDARIN)) How many languages can you speak? ((MANDARIN)) Which languages? ((MANDARIN)) I can only speak Chinese ((MANDARIN)) English ((MANDARIN)) Chinese, English ((MANDARIN)) What else? ((MANDARIN)) A little bit ((MANDARIN)) What else? ((MANDARIN)) Fujianese? ((MANDARIN)) Where is your hometown? ((MANDARIN)) Neighboring Beijing ((MANDARIN)) I know ((MANDARIN)) I’m very familiar with it ((MANDARIN)) You learned very well ((MANDARIN)) Thank you ((MANDARIN)) But as of lately, I don’t practice very much ((MANDARIN)) The more practice the better ((MANDARIN)) Nice to meet you ((CANTONESE)) Nice to meet you ((CANTONESE)) Thank you ((CANTONESE)) See you next time ((CANTONESE)) Your water ((JAPANESE)) Goodbye ((JAPANESE)) Goodbye


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