Collect and Share Daily Production Reports | The G Suite Show

Collect and Share Daily Production Reports | The G Suite Show

RIYA SHANMUGAM: Hey, viewers. You’re probably
wondering who I am. I’m Riya, and I’m here
to keep Jimmy in line. JIMMY TRAN: In
addition to keeping me from becoming a diva
of a host, Riya here is a host herself from
the Customer Engineering Team in Google Cloud. Very excited to
have you here, Riya. RIYA SHANMUGAM: Thank you. I’m excited to be here. So, Jimmy, can you
explain to me why we’re dressed for like this? JIMMY TRAN: I thought we
were rejected village people. RIYA SHANMUGAM: What? JIMMY TRAN: We are family. No? RIYA SHANMUGAM: No. JIMMY TRAN: No. RIYA SHANMUGAM: I don’t
think that’s right. JIMMY TRAN: Yeah, I don’t
think that’s right either. RIYA SHANMUGAM:
We’re here to talk about a process that can be
applied to any production type team. Let’s say that you’re
running a production line and you want to know how
many parts have been made, or how many defective parts are
there in your production line. JIMMY TRAN: Or, you’re
an engineering team who needs to understand
how many bug tickets you’ve handled per day. So whether you’re in a
desk or in a warehouse, this production process can
be streamlined effectively via G Suite tools. RIYA SHANMUGAM: It can be
challenging for managers to get to live data
from workers, especially when these reports are coming
from many different sources as paper or static files. JIMMY TRAN: And creating reports
can be difficult and time consuming for workers,
too, who often have to fill out paper
forms and whiteboards, and don’t get to see
the production results. RIYA SHANMUGAM: So
today, we are going to look at a card in the
transformation gallery which will show us how to
seamlessly collect and share live production reports. JIMMY TRAN: Search for a collect
and share daily production reports. This card uses Google Forms to
easily record performance data from workers, Google Sheets
to automatically collect and organize that data,
and then Google Sites to visualize the data so
that management team can review performance daily. RIYA SHANMUGAM: And with a
Chromebox visual display, managers and workers can see
production metrics in real time or display them
throughout the factory. Let’s take it one
step at a time. JIMMY TRAN: As a worker,
I use a Google Form to fill out my progress
at the end of the day. I can enter my data into
a tablet, a Chromebook, or even a phone. No matter the platform, it’s
the same easy to read form. I’ll say that today I create
24 widgets, two of which were defective, and I
sent out 12 shipments. Pretty productive day. RIYA SHANMUGAM: Ah, I expect
better from you, Jimmy. JIMMY TRAN: You’re
the worst boss. RIYA SHANMUGAM: Thank you. I take that as a compliment. The data from Jimmy’s
production report and the data from other workers is all
automatically collected in Google Sheets and organized
into clearly labeled tabs. See, Jimmy, this
column right here is all the hard work you did. JIMMY TRAN: Don’t patronize me. RIYA SHANMUGAM: I just
can’t win with you, Jimmy. JIMMY TRAN: You can’t. But with data centralized
in one location, you can analyze over time to
evaluate long-term performance and trends. RIYA SHANMUGAM:
Even better, you can publish just data on Google
Sites, which the management can access from any device. JIMMY TRAN: Google
Sites displays the data collected in Google
Sheets, showing easily understood graphs and tables. This makes it simpler
for management to spot trends, opportunities,
and concerns, all of which means fewer bottlenecks, and
increased efficiency, and even improved worker safety. So what is this anyways? RIYA SHANMUGAM: So
using a Chromebox, I now can display
production reports from the Google Sites on
large monitor or TV like this. So, for example, I can do this
display throughout my factory so my workers can look
at performance metrics real time, which will also
increase worker engagement. JIMMY TRAN: Wait, it says here
that Jenny made more widgets than me yesterday? I’ve got to get back to work. RIYA SHANMUGAM: I don’t
know when he’ll remember this is a fake company. Anyway, let us know
in the comments how this or other cards
the transformation gallery has helped your business. Or better yet, if you
have a customer story, post it in the
transformation gallery. Until next time. SPEAKER: With Hangouts
Meet, video conferencing is faster, better, and
more secure than before. Check it out in this
previous episode.


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