Collectif Clothing & 1950s Glam // Labour Conference [CC]

Collectif Clothing & 1950s Glam // Labour Conference [CC]

Helloooo! Whee! Yeah, you have no idea that I actually sit in this every single time and I do that before I press record. But today, I just thought you might enjoy it. Ahh! Hello and welcome to my September favorites. How is it already September? When did that happen? How? How? However, I’m quite happy because I just genuinely love Christmas with about the power of a thousand suns. The closer to Christmas, the happier I get. Sadly, it is a bit different for my poor wife, who… really hates um… Really hates winter. Oh my God. It’s difficult to get her out of bed in the morning. Roll. Roll, push, over the edge. Having said that, I myself- I know I seem quite happy- peppy. I’m peppy. I’m actually really tired. I’m really tired. Because yesterday was the Labour Party conference. And if you haven’t seen already from my Twitter and my Instagram and so on, I was a speaker. Hmm. Fancy, I know. I spoke on a panel at an actual major UK political party conference. It was very exciting. We were talking about everyday equality with disability charity, Scope, who I’ve worked with before. You may have seen our Charity Shop Challenge. And they invited me along and it was amazing and I expected a panel with some actual MPs And it kind of felt like they listened to me, which was very good. That’s, you know, what you want as an advocate, isn’t it? As a disability advocate. For someone to actually listen to you, please. But I felt like they did and it felt really good and we will see what happens. I’ve written a blog post about the day- Or at least as I film this, I’m actually in the process of writing this because as you may have guessed this is not the actual day that you are watching this. I’m putting this on Saturday and today is Wednesday. And yesterday I was at the Labour Party. And I’m confusing myself right now because I’m quite tired and when I’m tired, I don’t know the days of the week. It’s confusing, okay? *phew* And actually this weekend- This weekend coming up is actually a really big weekend for me as well because I have two weddings that I’m going to. One on the Friday and one on the Sunday. I’m gonna be pretty zonked next week. Yes. But today is Saturday, the day I’m releasing this video. Hi. Hi, Saturday. I hope you’re doing well. One thing I want to show you from the Labour Party Conference is this little badge This little badge was given to me yesterday by a lady who is called Wendy Bird. She has two sons who have learning disabilities, and they’re- People say that they have “challenging behaviors.” And the point of these badges is that actually, no. They don’t have “challenging behaviors.” They just behave in a different way because their world is different to them and what’s actually challenging is the world around them. It actually has a double meaning, if you’re wearing it, not only are you challenging behaviors and challenging the way that people deal with people who have learning disabilities, But you are also your own challenge. It’s deep. I like it. Thanks for that, Wendy. You can check out their Facebook page. I’m going to put a link down in the description. But Wendy you’re a lovely lady. Thank you for my badge. My second favorite thing of this month is… ba ba ba baahh….. You’ve already seen it. It was our “Most likely to…” video. That came out on Thursday. It was a really different way of filming that kind of normal sit down and talk videos that Claudia and I do. So I really hope that you enjoyed it. I keep looking at it like it’s actually here. Ahh. The magic of editing. If you didn’t know already, however, we also have a new Instagram. Woo. Which is called @jessieandclaud. Where we just are going to kind of have life stuff. Pictures of us doing our thing. Probably pictures of dogs because let’s be honest, we love them and they are our babies. Until we have an actual baby- We’ve discussed this though- When we have an actual baby, the dogs won’t stop being our babies. We’ll just be gaining a third one. So, thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the really amazing questions that were in my last favorites video. They were really good, some of them. But we’re going to do another one coming soon. Find out more at the end of this video. What on earth am I talking about? *yawning* Oh my god. I’m so tired. I’m one of these people, though. I get tired and I get really energized and do things. But it’s not real energy. It’s fake energy. It’s fake energy. I’m running on fumes. Oh, I’m gonna crash so badly. My third favorite thing this month is more than one thing actually, but they tie together. Ping. As you probably saw, I did a little shoot for Collectif. Only my favorite clothing brand ever! Oh my God! Yes, they employed me as a model to wear their clothes! I had such an amazing time. I love all of their new collection. I really cannot wait for it to come and hit the shops, and you guys can just… Oh…feel everything. It feels so good. So good. Not everything we wore was actually currently available yet on the website and everything so I felt very privileged to see stuff and…. Look at this beauty. Mmm. Yep. There will be a little behind-the-scenes video obviously from the day coming soon that we made- Well, Claudia made, She’s very proud of herself, by the way. I’m very proud of her. I’m really pleased that her editing’s coming along, she’s trying and learning new things And filming as well, filming new things. And there’s this! Another of my Collectif goodies. So new I haven’t even taken the tag off yet, I should do that. This bag is not only stunningly beautiful. It also has the best name ever. Yes, it’s called Jessica. Yeah. It’s adorable. It comes in red, black, and navy blue. Ooh. And the navy blue is patient actually. And look, it has adorable bows. It has a kiss clasp, which I just learned is called a kiss clasp. Where’s that been all my life, kiss clasp? And has three little pockets inside. It’s just…*clasp opening* Oh God, it’s just ideal, and that’s so satisfying. I just had the absolute most amazing day filming for Collectif. I really forgot how much I love modeling. Uh- *laughing* If you’d like to see a photo of my previous modeling. Yeah, that’s me. I know. Your question is “Where did your flesh go, Jessica?” Good question. It’s called having an episodic disability that sometimes affects your stomach quite badly. But I had completely forgotten how much I absolutely loved modelling and then Collectif contacted me and I was like “Yes, of course”. As if I’d say no to spending a day wearing my favorite clothes and just swirling around, having fun in front of a camera. I just yeah, I can’t stress enough. It was just the most amazing day. And I’m really happy now because I get a lot of emails from Collectif because obviously I am signed up to every little subscription thing you can possibly sign up to. And now I open them and sometimes it’s my face! Oh my God. Oh God, I’m yawning again. My fourth favorite thing of this month is a YouTube channel, yeah, called NerdSync. You may or may not know this about me, but I am actually a massive nerd. Erm…. *laughing* Our attic is actually full of boxes with my comic books in and NerdSync makes me so so happy because it’s about learning through comics. So NerdSync is about reading between the panels like reading between the lines, yes. It’s…. growing….. Comic books are not only an incredible medium, they are fun to read, they’re beautiful to look at, they help stoke my happy little collectors heart. Whoohoo! But not only that, the NerdSync guys believe that comics can also help us to learn about the world that we live in. So their videos take comics really as a springboard and then discuss history and politics and philosophy. Oh my God, some of their philosophies are absolutely amazing. It makes my little nerdy brain happy in two ways because it’s like “Yeah! Comic books! So cool! Superheroes! Yeah!” And also like “Quantum physics and acceleration theory! Yesss!” My fifth favorite thing of this month. Ping! Now, this must look familiar. This is of course Claudia’s anniversary present. She said I had to include it in favorites because she doesn’t do the favorites videos. So I had to include it for her. So here you go, I’m doing it. You can tell her that I’m doing it now. Look at this beauty. Yeah, she included my present to her as a favorite. And of course one of you absolutely lovely gorgeous little subscribers, is gonna get your own beautiful wooden watch from Jord because we genuinely love giveaways to be honest. So we took the excuse of our one year anniversary to do a little giveaway. And the competition closed yesterday and we will be finding out very soon… Bum bum bumm! Who that winner is. It also smells delicious. Do you ever think that about wood? I hope you really liked a little anniversary video, by the way. Let me know what you thought about my editing because I was trying something new in that whole morning scene. My sixth favorite thing you have probably seen already today. So you have seen my face and also in the banner on my channel and if you clicked on my channel and then found this video. Because it is this… Beautiful dress! Ooh. This gorgeous dress from 1950s Glam, it’s not only featured in my Autumn lookbook. Oooh! Ahhhh! So yes if you want to see it in full, do go and check that out. Oh, it’s also in my “YouTube Attacking Disabled Creators” video. Grrr. Also, I thought we were past that, YouTube. I thought we were okay. We had four videos in a row where you didn’t do anything and then, *spluttering* Deaf Awareness Week. No, no no! Don’t be talking about your deafness on Deaf Awareness Week! So it now also has the honour of being my banner picture and my icon picture. Ah! Lovely waistband here good skirt. Sorry, I’m hiding myself behind it. Good skirt. Netting underneath, no need to get your own petticoat. And a lace up back that, for the moment, is not laced up. Again, watch the video, it’s laced up very beautifully. It does take a little while to do. You may need help. And by “may” I mean, you will need help. If you’ve seen that absolutely lovely banner picture and icon, you will know that for the next two months, my videos are going to be coming out in a different schedule. This is obviously because *drumroll impression* We’re going to be doing Vlogmas! Yeah! And Vlogmas is a video every single day, if you didn’t know that already. And that’s quite a lot. It’s quite a lot of work. So I’m going to go just take a little bit off and we’ve been doing three videos a week all this year, so we’re just gonna go to two videos a week on Mondays and on Fridays. And then from the very first of December it is gonna be one video every single day. Every day. I did just do it with International Week of the Deaf having them on the Monday and Friday, and I found that it worked quite well for you guys, I think. People seemed to see it faster. Are you super excited? Is there anything that you’re like, “Yes! Vlogmas! Oh my god, you definitely have to do dot dot dot?” If there is, write it down below and maybe we shall add it to the list. The list is already like 30 things long. How did that happen? If you want to see what we did in the Vlogmas last year, you can go back There is a playlist that I’m gonna actually put in the card right up here. So, yeah. The new schedule starts next week so I will see you on Monday. Mwah!


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  • Me too Jess, I ?Christmas ??????! So excited for Christmas ?! Love your top in this video! Well done doing your talk! Can you do a who's most likely to :Christmas edition? Well done on Collectif !

  • Yay Vlogmas Jess soooooooo happy! I'm doing Blogmas again this year! I'm doing an advent treasure hunt I'm doing that for hubby and he's doing one for me- 24 presents for £1 or less to keep cost down! I'm also hoping to do a Christmas German market blog (break up into days) I'm going to Harry Potter studios in December in the snow! Couple of blogs there!

    I'm hoping to do:
    winter look book
    Festive house tour
    Vintage traditions
    Interviewing someone who lived through the war what Christmas was like then!
    Festive food post!
    Cocktails/mocktail making!
    Craft blog-about how I made My Christmas Story advent calendar in felt!

    Just a few of my ideas ?!

  • Ahh what a nice video to pop up when I'm having an ill and exhausted day, thank you! Congrats on all that you are up to just now, esp the Labour conference and collectif shoot, just went on the Collective website and fell in love with so many things! ? Bring on vlogmas!!

  • Such a lovely video I liked it in the first 15 seconds and at the end wanted to like it again because so sweet! If only YouTube had a double like option. (I guess that's what the share button is meant to signify)

    Will Tilly and Walter be dressed up at any point during Vlogmas? I hope so, they would look so cute! Arguably they are dressed up Christmassy/wintery all year round because they're white like snow.

  • I've said it B4 I'll say it again ,YOU
    ARE SO ABSOLUTELY FLIPPING STUNNING!!! Can you plzzzz do a video on how to do (((easy))) vintage hairstyles for a single dad to do on his 9 y/o daughter who's stuck in a time machine ?? my lil girl loves the rock-abilly vintage pinup look!! Every time I try I slaughter it horribly sooooo any help would be greatly appreciated❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Love you both

  • wonderfullightfixture says:

    YESSSS BRING ON THE FALL/CHRISTMAS. I would LOVE to hear about some fall recipes/activities that you and Claudia enjoy, or just fall/Christmas themed videos in general (can you tell I'm similarly excited for this time of year?!)

  • Angela Morales says:

    FAKE ENERGY. i feel like i know what u mean. I have severe fibromyalgia, sleep apnea (that i haven't been able to use CPAP for because…), chronic headaches & migraines, etc. That fake energy makes u feel a bit loopy & giddy. But if u stop, u probably cant start back again.

  • Angela Morales says:

    Please leave a link in the description box for the youtube channel about comics. I had difficulty understanding u & the captioning got it completely wrong.

    Here's the link:


  • what an amazing month, i'm so happy for you!! also can't wait for the part two with claudia, you two are so adorable and your relationship makes me so happy ???

  • Miranda Mostad says:

    I'm in love with the purse, but it is $87.00 to buy and have shipped to the U.S.
    As I'm on a limited budget (student problems), would you say that the bag is extremely well made and worth it, or is it something I should pass on for now?

  • Nicole Piechocki says:

    Can I just say how much I love all of the intelligent content you have on your channel? Your videos always make me laugh and I always learn something new. Hooray for Vlogmas!

  • Michelle Tackett says:

    You are such a cute person. I like this, it is October now, so time is flying by. Christmas is my favorite time. I just love opening the presents and seeing what someone got me.

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    Party outfit ideas…entertaining ideas…gift ideas…staying calm and stress free during the holidays…ways you celebrate with your own traditions over the holidays…These are probably ideas you have already had, but I am just throwing them in to the hat. You look fabulously gorgeous as always, love you and Claudia and your videos. Cheers, Michele

  • CartographersGuide says:

    I didn't know you liked comics!!! Oh my gosh!!! I'm a huge fan and every day you just get cooler and cooler. Vintage, stylish AND a fellow comic geek!!!! You looked amazing in Collectif's photoshoot. You're really inspiring, youtube IDOL!!!

  • I'm still so proud of you for being a Labour Party spokes-person! So! Awesome! And being a model for Collectif Clothing? You rocked this month so hard! I can't wait to look at the new collection of Collectif. That video was sooooo awesoooome! Are you going to do a Part 2 on that sometime? Oooooh I didn't know you liked Comics! Are you going to make a video about your favourites? I'd like that a lot 🙂 I'm sorry your videos got demonetized again. But I promise you, I will buy you a coffee again, soon. Also – is that something that is going on forever, or is it just a campaign that is going to end at some point? If it's just gonna be open forever, I think you should totally include it in your inbox. I'm sure lots of people would like to support your work <3 (AND I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR VLOGMAS I CAN'T WAIT OHMAGASH SO EXCITIIIIIINNNGGGGGG (and please add the two things I mentioned above to the list <3))

  • I discovered your channel yesterday and I already thought you were an amazing human being and now I discover that you support the labor party and I love you even more for that ! ! it's not that I don't like people who don't support this party but for me it's the most humanist party and I consider myself as humanist and I think it's what everyone should be (care for others no matter what) and yeah, well, I'm happy , you really are a role model to me !!

  • That's so cool! From birth till 2016 my ""style"" was a lame jeans and a 10 years old tshirt.. now i started Thinking about who i really want to be. You and Penelope Garcia are my role models :'D i finally found a style after 20 years yaaaay

  • You are so beautiful you make to other models look all fat and ugly. Like, you look like you just stepped out of a time machine, and they just don't even carry themselves to be able to pull off what you can. The others were positively frumpy by comparison.

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