12 thoughts on “Coronavirus Update: Local Businesses Fear Outbreak Is Keeping Customers Away”

  • I'm a doctor from SF and I can no longer maintain my silence anymore out of good conscience. WHO reports that China was able to test 1.6million a week for COVID-19 and that was 1-2 weeks ago (see report by WHO Dr Bruce Aylward). This news is intentionally censored by American media companies who focused the coverage on the Korean response instead.

    The rumor within is that the Chinese offered the US their cheap and effective mass produced test kits to help us with the outbreak, but the corrupt Trump regime rejected it so that his cronies with links to big pharma companies can profit instead.

    The result is a pathetic production numbers, inferior inaccurate/faulty test kits with a vastly marked up price for American citizens.


  • You have NO proof that people aren't coming because of weather or bad food or delivery

    also lose some weight chub 1:37

  • Gabriel Donovan says:

    People in Santa Barbara are just being ridiculous for what’s happening. They need to grow up be more open minded . Next week Disneyland for me . I’ll be more relaxed. Jair go out for fun people don’t just be at home it won’t solve anything.

  • Throw money at me says:

    I only go out for food and work. It's comforting to stay at home at this time. Nyc could end up with 400,000 infected if we don't do our best to contain and curtail this pandemic.

  • I'm looking for goods in the situation, like discounts at events and at restaurants havent seen that yet so I shall stay home.

  • Video. ETHNIC CLEANSING by Terrorist Government of Turkey, forcing ethnic groups, by myth and gun to cross river or sea to get to Greece, WHILE THE WORLD IS WATCHING over popcorn.

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