Corporate Video Production Singapore – Reelmedia

Corporate Video Production Singapore – Reelmedia

When it comes to selling your product, service,
or software solution online…nothing works better
than video. I mean, just look around. From the major brands to the big shot gurus
and their epic product launches, everyone’s using video to increase their conversions
and make more sales! So, why aren’t you? The truth is, video can be really intimidating
and very daunting. Being in front of the camera, trying to figure out what to say, and how
to say it are your first hurdles. But then you need the
hardware and software to edit it all together in a presentable way that reflects your brand
and effectively does it’s job. It’s no lie
that creating a video can be a lot of work! And that’s why we’d
like to do it all for you! Just like a copywriter who charges 10 and
20 thousand dollars and up to write that long copy
sales letter for your product or your service, we take pride in delicately crafting the perfect
video for your product or service, and we do it at a fraction of the price. And the
best part is, the process is simple and painless on your side. Let’s go ahead and break down the process
right now. First, we personally write your custom sales
script that fits your brand, and takes your viewers
smoothly through the entire sales process with ease. After you approve of your script,
we go ahead and record your voice, or we can go
ahead and hire a professional voice actor to get that
perfect audio. You send back that audio to us and we do our magic by creating text, visuals
and animations and more, just like what you’re
seeing right now. And we sync it all together with that
completed audio to make a high converting video just for you. Besides the background we have in film production,
we have been working closely with video and video sales letters in almost every market
you can think of from weight loss and nutrition, golf, social media, internet marketing, relationship
advice, software solutions, and more. We’ve created videos that are 2 minutes long, and
others that are 22 minutes. We’re also marketers. Which means we have
the skills, the vision, and the mindset of marketing just like you, and we’ve got those
killer copywriting skills. We have a flawless track
record for increasing conversions and beating out the “old school” marketing methods
every single time we swap in a video for the old
long copy sales letter. And we would love to offer our
video creation services directly to you. But, there’s a catch.
We don’t just take on anyone as a client; and we’re not just saying that either. We
have several other businesses and online revenue streams
that keep us pretty busy. We’ve spent incredible amount of time and energy with each video
we create. Seriously, we treat these things like a work of art, and therefore we
can only work with a select group of clients who are of
the same mindset. We also believe that no 2 clients are the
same, right? Some marketers just ask us to write a
script while others need their audio animated. Some want a 2 minute squeeze page video;
others want a 4 part video launch series. Whatever your needs are, they must be addressed
individually! And its for these reasons we’ve created an application form in order to be
considered. If you are ready to increase your sales
with the best looking video in your market, you know, one that looks even better
than the one you’re watching right now, then simply click the link below to fill out
that small application form on the next page. We will
review your information immediately, and if we’re a
great match, we can get right to work. But, real quick, let’s face the facts right
now. If you truly do want a video, there are only three ways to get one created. The first
way: it’s obvious, is to do it yourself. The second
way: you can try and outsource it to someone and train them on all the steps on how to
do it. Or, of course, the third way: you have an experienced
marketer who has perfected the art of video production and video marketing to create one
for you. The choice is yours. Click the link below
and we can get started right now.


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