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My name is Sarah Thompson and I´m an art buyer and a producer. I work for production company and we produce stills and motions for fashion, editorial and advertising. I kinda felt into this industry in the way that most people do. I don´t think that anybody starts out their career wanting to be art buyer, or wanting to be in production or maybe they do and they don´t realise what it is, but I went to Art school and I studied film and I had…I hoped to be an Art Director. I wanted to do sets and builts and things like and I got into the industry as a trainee working for a film production company and the executive producer there just sort of took me under his wing and said “You´re not going to be an art director, you´re going to be producer” I kinda became a hybrid, sort of producer like the skills you have in production lend itself to art buying and working with creatives and advertising finding the right artist and person for brief in the same way you´d do that as a producer you´re building crews, you´re putting team together that´s how I kinda fell into the industry I suppose “How do they find us?” Funny internet, everyone finds you on the internet I think that, unfortunatly…people…I mean that the way society is. everything is online, I do a lot of research online but I think people come to know, people come to us and I make a habit of always saying everyone that wants to come and say ”yes” I think it´s important in what we do, to meet the people face-to-face I think when matching photographers or artists for a job, it´s much about personality of that artist as it is with that creative or that client So yeah, people come to us or people get refered to us through advertising agencies I discovered Production Paradise when I was working in Sydney, Australia for an advertising agency and we used to do a lot of work, comissioning, overseas artists as well so you rely on companies like Production Paradise almost as a database of sorts to look up who´s shooting still life or who´s a great car photographer in the US? just to be a bit more bespoke for those regions you don´t know as intimately as your own I think that was my first exposure and also a friend of mine who was a producer at the time, she was working on this amazing job for a hotel chain and the client came out of the US but they were shooting in the South Pacific region and they found her specifically through Production Paradise so that was another light one off for me as another way of using it as a production point of view as well as an agency point of view What I love about photography is that you´ve got one frame to tell the story and with motion you´ve got that ability to try one set at the time whether it´s a 3 or 16 s commercial or 2 min online film, i think with photography it´s harder and I think it´s more powerful to me to see as a one still image and to be successful and that´s what engages me and that´s what I find interesting about photography and finding people that can do that on their own tone of voice, their own unique vision, that´s what I like I think for my work it´s helpful when I´m looking for information outside my own network Obviously I´m London-based and anything outside of that is always outside of the bigger places like New York, Paris and London they are kinda… that´s it and Australia because I´m Australian they are kinda given to me whenever I have opportunity to work outside those zones that´s when it´s really useful or a particular genre as well, whether there is a great still life guy in Germany. That´s a great go to see It´s like an art buyer´s best friend or a producer´s best friend I use it as a searching tool and I think also when we recently organised a GoSee trip to Amsterdam and I used that tool to look up photgraphers’ agencies there so we could arrange meetings with them to go and see them about their work and their artists, obviously we know where the advertising agencies are but I think the photographic agency in Holland is like a completely new territory for us, that was really useful and we´re doing a trip out of LA again soon as well so I´ll use them again for that Production Paradise is an amazing database and collective or community of sorts for anyone working in the photographic industry or the advertising industry


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