Daily Rituals Of Millionaires for Maximum Productivity – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 24

Daily Rituals Of Millionaires for Maximum Productivity – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 24

– This is probably the
most important piece in the entire evening. Develop your daily disciplines. Develop your what? – [Audience] Daily disciplines. – Daily disciplines. I call them non-negotiables. It is something you will do every day, no matter what. No matter what. (majestic orchestral music) So in my case, I’ll break it down for you. For my emotional well-being, 30 minutes every day, in the morning, are my morning rituals. Which includes my visualization exercise, it includes my attitude
of gratitude exercise, which if you go to YouTube, you type in, “Attitude of gratitude,”
you type in, “Dan Lok,” you’ll see the recording that I listen to every morning, with my
own voiceover work of– with a piece of music. I do that every day. I do my breathing exercise,
’cause I wanna get oxygen into my blood, in the morning. Fresh my day, get it going. So, that’s my morning rituals. 30 minutes a day, that’s
my daily discipline. Non-negotiable. You with me so far? For my emotional well-being, yes? Okay. Now for my financial well-being, 30 minutes a day, are
looking at financials, investments, reviewing of numbers. I’m looking at those numbers. Check your bank account every damn day. Is it going up or is it going down? Right? Financial well-being, 30 minutes a day, looking at financials,
investments, reviewing of numbers. Business well-being. 60 minutes. How long? An hour a day on marketing
or self-promotions. That includes YouTube,
Facebook, Instagram, interviews, everything. One hour a day to market my own brand. So it could be, you know what? This morning, just this
morning, I had interview with a podcast. That’s an hour. So, that’s my hour of the day. I did that interview. I post on Instagram,
takes me five minutes. That’s one thing. Post on Facebook, five
minutes, bam, that’s done. Right? Upload a YouTube video, all these things, one hour, every day, non-negotiable. Because if I’m not pushing my brand, I’m not marketing myself, I’m not tooting my own horn, right? Nobody will toot your horn. You better be out there. Getting attention in the marketplace. I wanna do that every day. Every day. Every day. And then growth. So, for growth, I have 60 minutes a day, minimum, learning. It would include reading, or sometimes, listening to a program,
listening on my way here. I’m listening to an audio program. It takes me about an hour to get here. I got my day. I got that in, right? Bam, that’s done. So, minimum, one hour a day, learning. And for my physical,
sorry, physical well being, goal: 60 minutes a day. So currently, I’m at
like three times a week, but I wanna get to a point where I can do almost every day, or at least six times a day, one hour of exercise. That’s what I’m aiming for, what I’m working towards. So far, I’m doing three times a day. I’m sorry, three times a week. Okay, I wanna get to six, seven times. And then also my goal,
another goal that I have is to minimize my email management to 60 minutes a day. Currently it’s probably at
80, 90 minutes, per day. Just because the sheer
amount of emails that I get. My goal is to cut it down
to 60 minutes per day. Now, ask all my inner circle members, you know, when they send me email, my reply is very, very short. It is very, very short. How short? – [Audience Member]
Sometimes, the same day. – No but, how short is the email? – [2nd Audience Member]
Oh, like two words. – Two words. Good. Great. Yeah, because guess what? If you get the amount of emails I get, you spend five minutes crafting the email, you get 200 emails. Do the numbers. That’s not work. I need to get my email done in seconds. If it’s something they need feedback on, another thing I’ll do,
I would make a video. So I use a program called Jing, J-I-N-G. From I think– Yeah, Tech. TechSoft. Yeah TechSoft, or something like that. But Jing is what I use. It’s free. And I could make a quick video, instead of typing a long email. It captures your screen capture. I walk them through different things. Plus, it’s recording my voice. I upload the link, I send them the link. They can watch that. It saves me a whole lotta time. Again, it’s a time saving tool. But also, clarity. ‘Cause sometimes, “Oh, Dan, can you review
this website for me?” If I take a look, and I type it out, guess what? A lot of miscommunication. And they’re, “Oh, what about this?” And now, I have to spend more time explaining it, back and
forth, back and forth. Versus making a video, they get it. Usually very little back and forth. So, that’s another tool that I use. Get it? So, that’s my daily disciplines. Whatever your daily disciplines, but you better have some. You better have some. If you don’t schedule
it, it won’t get done! So, I schedule my lunch time. I schedule my lunch time. I schedule my email time. My mom, again, makes
an appointment with me, Sunday, 9 p.m. to 11
p.m., long distance call. My wife makes and appointment with me. Leisure time, vacation time, husband time. Now I’ve already, just
to give you an example, blocked out about 67 days for 2017. 67 days, that includes VEG,
DLIC Mastermind Meetings, Speaking Gigs, Masterminds, vacations. That’s how you script it out. That’s what I mean. You don’t just, “Oh, well. You know what,
I’ll pick the vacation “whenever we’ll do it.” Or, “I’ll do that whenever–” No, don’t do that. Don’t do that. (majestic orchestral music)


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  • What did You Learn from this video? What are the most important times I have listed? Post your comments. Let's see if you have been paying attention. If this is your first video or you have not seen the entire presentation. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEmTTOfet46OmSXIUKmbHe1acy6u-fIVX

    I have given many precise tips that Millionaires do. Go Watch it here and comment. If I feel your comments or questions are good I will reply and also may feature it in future videos.

  • Two of my daily routines (I write them down on my to-do list every day) are : Watch 2 Dan Lok videos and ready a minimum of 15 pages (currently out of Timothy Ferriss' 4 hour WW).

  • Thank you for sharing your wisdom. From now on, I will write down my schedule (routines & rituals) and stick by it as religiously as possible (non-negotiable) more power to you, sir Dan Lok.

  • Chad Johnson from your HTC family here..this was one of my 10 vids for the day:) Really helpful way to really try to map out daily routines for the busy entrepreneur Dan. Thanks!

  • Develop daily disciplines every day. For me I do my attitude for gratitude exercise, mindest, and subconsciosu training everyday. Watch 10 Dan Lok videos a day. Do one money making activity for the day and one attention getting activity for the day.

  • I learn that I miss many things I want or should do because I am not actively "scripting" them into my life. I have been procrastinating and hoping to fit things in and that rarely works out the way it shoud. Examples: visiting my mother, taking my wife out, attending seminars proactively. No longer, I am changing today. Thanks for sharing!

  • ‘If you don’t schedule it, it won’t get done’. I need to be more disciplined with this so I don’t miss non work activity that is important. I also make the most of travel time to learn – no need for there to ever be an unproductive moment!

  • puh, I'm proud I already had 5-6 daily disciplines before I watched this video, quite similiar to yours, Dan. Still good to see how and what you do on a daily basis. I will incorporate the financial discipline, once i actually have some money LOL

  • This is amazing. I’ve got a floating schedule, but it’s not working for me. I’m going to write down and dedicate a specific amount of time to these tasks. Checking emails, posting to Facebook, exercise, financial check, personal growth, and my mental well-being. Got it!

  • I list all the thing I need to do in a day but not the amount of time I should spend on it. Sometimes it's really hard for me to keep track and then I feel overwhelm because I can't get al of them done. "If you dont schedule it, it won't get done." Thank Sifu Dan, another great lesson!

  • So geht Kommunikation! says:

    Have my daily rituals installed and do them. But when I travel it happens that I fall of and start again because it is not my normal environment. Any idea how to handle that?

  • Bradley Palmer says:

    Develop your daily disciplines, non-negotiables.

    30mins for Emotional well being


    Attitude of Gratitude

    Breathing exercise

    30mins for Financial well being (check your bank account everyday, is it going up or is it going down?)

    Look up financials


    REVIEW numbers

    60 minutes for business well-being:


    or Self Promotions

    60 minutes a day for growth:

    Reading, LISTENING to a podcast or audio program

    60 minutes a day for physical well-being:

    – run for 1 hour every other day
    – workout for 1 hour every other day


    Minimize email management 60 minutes per day

    If you don't schedule it, it won't get done!

  • Nicholas Mirante says:

    Though brief, this video is so FUCKING impacting for me. It reveals to me how you think and that is what I want to emulate to get up the next rung of the ladder.
    Thank you Sifu Dan

  • i am looking forward to being able to see my activities in a way where i am able to plan (book) the next year out, Thank you (HTC group 3)

  • Just spent my entire day for the last 2 days learning throughout your channel before HTC. Already feel much different. Fantastic.

  • Alexander Romano says:

    So, I get you have the Daily Disciplines but I'm curious to know the process you perform to schedule other things that ARE negotiable. Do you schedule them once per week on Sunday? At night before you go to bed? Or do they just pop up on your calendar as they are made, like when you wife chooses to have a night with you? A combination of all of those? I've tried a few time-management techniques and haven't really found one that clicks but I'm interested in trying yours out. Thank you again for the information Dan. It's insightful as always.

  • Tuomas Aro-Heinilä says:

    At what point do you block out time from the future? Let's say you have the next 365 days blocked out. When do you block the next 365 days. One day a day? How many days have you blocked in advance?

  • SUMMARY: Well Being, Non-negotiable (30 min to 1 hr each activity)
    emotional – meditation, prayer and morning rituals
    financial – review spending, financials/investments
    business – maketing, promotions and review goals
    growth – reading, journal & study
    physical – exercise and nutrition


    You are a real millionaire who went through the hardest hardships because you were from China,places like China and India us where it's really hard to get to the top because there labour is cheap

  • Daily discipline, must follow this mindset daily discipline! No excuses!at least but not limited to: Mindset + rp + Study + implement + social

  • @SalesRemastered says:

    Failing to plan is planning to fail! And before tackling your day, you must make it a part of your morning routine to focus on your mindset first, which sets your attitude for the day.

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