Danny from Patterson Cheney wins the Geoff Cockram Award for host employers

Hi Danny congratulations for winning the
Jeff Cochrane Host Employer Loyalty award tonight Fantastic, thank you we are very
very proud for Patterson Chaney, Emma: great Danny: it’s a great honor, Emma: Excellent,
and can you tell me a little bit about your business, Danny: We’ve got about 650
employees over nine sites, ranging from trucks, luxury cars and spare parts,
being a big part of our business, as well as service and sales. So, a great
association with a lot of apprentices. Emma: How many apprentices do you think you
hire at the moment? Danny: Service is a big part of our business and of course
apprentices are a big part of that and across the nine sites
I’d have to estimate maybe a hundred apprentices ranging from school-based
apprentices right through to fourth years. Emma: Wow, great. Why do you choose to use Group Training as an employer? The support is a big thing for us, we like to have a backup, there’s some scenarios where we
might need some counselling for a young kid or it just might be that we need a bit of
back up, some advice some guidance, that we may not be specialised in.
Emma: Fantastic, well look congratulations again for the award and I hope you have a great night
Danny: Its fantastic, thanks very much


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