Data Dashboard & Social Listening Tool  – Growth Insights #6

Data Dashboard & Social Listening Tool – Growth Insights #6

Hey and welcome back to number six of
our growth insight series, where our community and team test out the best
tools for you and share the best resources and as usual we’re going to
keep the best for last Like every week, we’re going to kick off with our
favorite tools Rahul, one of the students from our last
Growth Tribe Academy created Fadfeed Fadfeed is a Chrome extension for Facebook
that basically fills your whole Facebook feed by getting rid of your
grandmother’s post and replaces it with ads instead. It’s add inspiration heaven
or hell…you decide! Now let’s stay on Facebook a
little bit with this fun little gimmick Data Selfie is a free Chrome extension
that shows you all the data Facebook is storing on you. Slightly scary but also
extremely insightful. Check it out. Thanks to Alina for sharing
Is actually a competitor to one of my favorite tools Brand24
gives a better understanding of who is talking about your brand, identifies
influencers in your industry and allows you to run sentiment analysis on the
results. My favorite feature is of course the brand mentions. Really simple to set
up..set up your keywords and you can start using it today. Speaking of social
listening we’ve been diving into natural language processing quite a bit it Growth
Tribe recently…specifically with sentiment analysis. One great place to
find data on your competitors is their Facebook fan pages. Thanks to David
Sherlock for sharing a playbook on how to extract and neatly organize all comments
on a Facebook page into a CSV file. Now…speaking of data sets…do your data sets
sometimes feel a little bit empty? Last week I fell in love with this API it’s
called an IP address to income API It’s only available in USA, for data
regulation laws in Europe, but if some of your customers are in the US you can now
predict what their average income is based on their IP address. Check it out…it’s really cool. I found this API on a API marketplace which Jim shared…
Go and check out the marketplace there’s a lot of free API for data enrichments and a lot
of other purposes. It’s got everything from face recognition api’s to a random
cute kitten image generator *MIAO* Tha was wierd Oh…and by the way we want to thank
you guys for all the support you’re showing in the comments. Your kind words
are giving us a huge push to keep these videos coming. As we all know UX is just
as important as marketing and analytics for growth So thanks to Stefan for
sharing this really cool article on mobile UX The main finding here we’re
strong visualization of how users hold their mobile devices, so that you can put
the most important CTA’s and elements in the easy green zones.
Here’s three way to hold your phone: the one-handed, the cradled
the two-handed and this one’s particularly interesting as they’re breaking down by
type of iPhone you probably don’t want to put the important stuff in the red
zone here. Speaking of user experiences, chat bots are still trending… Thanks to Jim for sharing, where you can create a chat bot landing page without a
single line of code. Okay let’s talkabout a completely different subject:
“Email Marketing”. Thanks to Luke for sharing this website:
Basically you put your subject line in there and it ranks it and it scores it based
on a large number of parameters. Pretty cool, check it out. Now on to some recent
content marketing gold from Noah Kagan Noah Kagan’s team studied 1 million
subject lines to give us a breakdown on what works and what doesn’t work. So in
here you’ve got top headline phrases that work really well on Facebook. The
worst headline phrases that don’t work on Facebook…you can also see some top
phrases starting headlines some of the top phrases ending headlines. So for
example you should start your headlines with “Will make you” or “This is why” and
you should never use phrases like “Control of your” or “Your own business” or
“Work for you”. It’s even got a really fun analysis of which specific numbers you
should use inside headlines. Ok, now let’s do a little bit of reading from one
of her favorite heads of growth Guillaume Caban from If
you’re unhappy with your lead generation effort check out segments mad-scientist
secrets for driving growth you can learn how their VP of Growth uses collect
analyze and act framework to accelerate growth. Speaking of Guillaume, he and a
number of amazing speakers will be at our “Online International Growth Summit”
taking place at the end of this month you can see the dates here and you can
go into the description to register for free It’s all completely free I will show you
how to optimize every single part of your funnel. OK now let’s continue reading…with one of my favorite blogs online from the Nielsen Norman group. The NN group recently published a study on the most hated ad format structured by ad type and device. this is gold for anybody doing outbound. Now just because it’s the most hated format doesn’t mean it’s the ones that don’t
work but it’s still interesting to see which formats really annoy users. Ok now let’s dive in some analytics with another tool which we’ve started using
about three weeks ago. Jim shared Klipfolio which integrates all your data
into main dashboards for your teams or clients there’s hundreds of integrations ready to plug in. This is the most customizable
dashboard tool in the market we’ve seen so far. If you’re looking to take dashboards
to the next level: Klipfolio is the way to go Speaking of data I don’t know if you saw this article it’s pretty scary stuff… The Republican National Committee (The RNC) was responsible for the largest
leak of voters’ information in history. Sensitive information of 198 million
voters, meaning almost all of them, was made public and ready for download.
Conveniently in CSV format for 12 whole days Database included data on each
individual’s political issues, ethnicity religion but also things like who
reluctantly voted for Hillary Clinton or who was in favor of the “Affordable Care
Act” and was used to power Trump’s presidential victory. So the database was
used by the RNC to group voters into target clusters with names such as “Flag and Family Republicans”, “Tax and Terrorism Moderates” so then micro target these
people according to their likings. OK now if you can’t get your hands on 198
million voters data, here’s another option for you: Thanks to Quentin for
sharing Lusha. It’s a person API that lets you look at personal data based on
the name company and its domain This tool can get you people’s locations,
email addresses, phone numbers and even social media usernames. Another pearl shared by Quentin is It can help you close your next hire or
sales deal much faster than before. The tool finds you all email addresses and
phone numbers ever related to a LinkedIn profile They even found Quentin’s australian
phone number that he used 7 years ago It can be incredibly powerful
for cold calling and outbound as well. Oh, and while we’re talking about LinkedIn
Job found an awesome playbook to bypass InMail limitation if you’re in a
business plan you can usually go up to 40 messages per month, but if you need to
send more but can’t afford to pay for them this is the way to go. Simply send
people personalized connection requests. They’ll get the message and you won’t
need to pay. The catch here is that you’re limited to 300 characters, but if
you follow these instructions shared by Job you’ll be able to send as many
characters as you want. Cool now let’s do a little bit of theory. If you’re selling
a really innovative technical solution you probably want to target technology
innovators in your early days. Technology early adopters tend to hang out on
Hacker News and thanks to Visual Capitalists for sharing this beautiful
study of what people on Hacker News are probably talking about right now.
It’s really interesting to see what technology early adopters are talking
about at the moment. And now for a little bit of myth-busting I’m really tired of
hearing this myth that 8 out of 10 startups don’t make it past their first
yea. There’s no data to back this up at all In fact we found contradictory data
because 55% of small companies make it into their fifth year.
Check out this nice little animation that was shared by Quentin and it
debunks this annoying myth of 8 out of 10 startups failing. What we learn here
is that persistence is key and every extra year you stay alive increases your
chances of survival. Now for another little tool thanks to Luke for sharing
app tweet this is a tool to boost your app downloads. Luke found that it was the only ASO tool that finds the exact Apple search popularity for English US, UK,
Australia and New Zealand keywords and it’s the only ASO tool that shows you
which apps bid for a specific keyword and all the keywords an app is currently
bidding for. OK and here’s the book recommendation for this episode. Brynjolfsson and McAfee’s first book “The second Machine Age” was mind-blowing.
Now they’re back with the second book called “Machine, platform, crowd – Harnessing our digital future”. It’s a beautiful exploration of the current implications
of new technologies and new trends on our economy. OK thanks a lot for
listening we’ve actually decided to add a new section and we want to know if
it’s interesting for you. Basically put all your questions that you’d like
answered inside the comment and we’ll see if the questions are interesting if
we can actually answer the questions and if we should make this a regular part of
our series. Thanks a lot and see you in a couple of weeks


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  • I wish you guys did more videos and recommendations on FREE Chrome extensions. It seems like all of the ones I seem to look up from your videos cost money. Some people can't afford to be paying $59 here, $39 there, $199 elsewhere a month of recurring charges for these services. Don't get me wrong, they are amazing recommendations. Besides that, keep doing what you are doing. Amazing stuff.

  • Alexandru Baltat says:

    Hey, guys!
    Again, thanks a lot for a resourceful video, you're my no.1choice when it comes to growth focused YouTube channels.
    Now, my burning question to you guys is "What do the first 30, 60, 90 days on the job look like for a Growth Hacker at a B2B SaaS startup within the travel industry (or other industries)?"
    Keep up the good work!
    p.s I'm considering joining a SaaS startup 🙂

  • Jorin Lindenberg says:

    Yessss I had a millisecond part in my favorite youtube channel! Thanks @Growthtribe :). And for the question section: Will (did?) we receive a time schedule for the summit? Thank you!

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    1) Do you have an open slack channel where anyone could join?

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    3) I stay in Australia and chances are low that I will come to NL. Can I see or subscribe to your courses online?

    4) Can you possibly make an online tool where startups submit their web app or mobile, and you run some algorithms to see how they perform on the pirate metrics? It's a good idea no?

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    Some doubts about

    The search query "I love big titties" scored 83/100.

    Their advice: "Good job! Your subject line is close to meeting all industry standards."


  • Is there an AI for Competitor Analysis that reveals all software, plug-ins, tools, extensions, etc. that the competitor has used ?

  • Why does 99% of the services listed here sound seriously shady, and breach of personnel info. Everything mentioned seems to breach GDPR. Cambridge Analytica much, guys?

  • Esteban Gutiérrez says:

    Awesome! Maybe would be good to have like a library of tools because maybe we forget about them but will need them in the future …

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