4 thoughts on “Day 22: Article Marketing and Free Traffic – Building a Profitable Website for Free”

  • Hey, I can see how article writing can be a great way to get your first few viewers coming to your site. I was wondering if it is acceptable to write a blog post and then put the first couple of sections of that post onto street article and then put a link saying "to see the full article click here"?

  • Nathaniell Brenes says:

    That will definitely be duplicate content. Everything has to be unique. On a side note, article marketing has been losing power lately. It's definitely still a way to get free traffic, and definitely could be used, but I'm moving more and more to the thinking that the time you spend writing should be spent writing for your own site as much as possible. I would say one article per week if you really want to experiment with free traffic is probably enough.

  • Ok thanks for the advice, will write one or two separate articles and see if they bring much in. Are there any other free traffic options you would recommend?

  • Nathaniell Brenes says:

    Actually, not really. I used to use Hubpages and Squidoo a bit, and they still bring some traffic, but they constantly change the rules and are not created for marketers. There's a good chance your content will get rejected, especially when you are starting out. Street Articles was created for marketers, and though its rankings aren't as good as they used to be, they're still better than other places like Ezine or other directories because of high-quality content.

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